Send you individual exclusive Normals, 48 hours 3 d printing headphones

headset products on the market at present are varied, stress quality, hearing protection, and so on. But in Nikki Kaufman’s view, these headphones are not enough “to treat our ears. As a Quirky, founder of the focus of 3 d printing laboratory, Kaufman believes that headphones can do better, “more stick ear”.

Kaufman has officially released the Normals of headset, sometimes slogan also called too loud, so-called exclusive custom, is absolutely unique – even if the same user, two ear headphones shape is not the same.

although the same custom, Normals choose custom measures and the difference is not a fragment of the current mainstream, mainstream headphones custom is not only expensive (it may take 500-200), time-consuming (with the teeth to wait 10 minutes, after the match will have to wait about 3 to 6 weeks), and also trouble together. Hunting we thought about injecting silica gel is lack of interest in your ear.

and according to the description of Kaufman, super simple method of Normals custom headphones – on spectrum under the guidance of the carefully again, the use of the App to take some photos to the ear, 48 hours a pair of 3 d printed exclusive headset is at hand, and as long as the $199!!!! (Normals also gives a redo a promise without joint.)

3 d printed Normals itself is not particularly have design feeling, but alone, its color is very attractive in the vast ocean of black and white headphones. Users can also in the same App of Normals to color headphones, details on custom. Other accessories are also very good: Normals of form a complete set of earphone cord is clean or replace, regardless of the sport, leisure are applicable; Normals also paired with a special headset deposit box, the user can choose laser engraving on it.

overall, as an exclusive custom headphones, the Normals price is attractive. , Kaufman explained, it is with the help of the user’s diy design and 3 d printing, can not provide so fast and relatively cheap custom headphones.

however, for such a headset can’t try, the $199 price also very embarrassed, now perhaps only geeks feels dye-in-the-wood and have the courage to test users are willing to early adopters. Recently, however, the headphones are “with type” more and more, Beats headphones $299 offer in the fashion people’s eyes is a piece of cake, as a result, if the Normals to have quality on the function, in concept and further innovation, will likely be the next “headphones” the tide of fashion and easy leader.