Sending multiple blockbuster move, tencent comprehensive layout interactive entertainment industry

UP2014 tencent interactive entertainment in today’s annual conference, tencent entertainment as the main brand for the first time, the system has released new strategy and covers the literature of pan entertainment, animation, games, film and television, and other interactive entertainment business blockbuster information, announced the symbiosis based on Internet and mobile Internet domain, create star IP fans economy, overall layout of the interactive entertainment industry.

according to tencent entertainment brand matrix, the conference for the first time based on the literature, tencent tencent anime, tencent game three entities do parallel release business platform, marked the tencent entertainment first officially open to each other.

at the same time, wu served as CEO of tencent literature, “literature” industry ecology; At the same time, tencent entertainment announced each with Disney interactive, forte dream ring “avengers alliance” such as “Chinese good voice” IP to cooperate.

tencent company vice President, tencent literature grieco chairman said, “the user is facing the changes of the live entertainment, and industry will face a huge change and unprecedented industry opportunities. This requires that we, not only to grasp the latest technology, to build the best platform, but also has the rich content and innovative form of experience. Let technology and content drive each other, again as a body, let users everywhere to free participation and create – this is the essence of interactive entertainment era, is tencent entertainment each adhere to the fundamental starting point of the strategy of “entertainment”.”

appearance tencent literature management Wu ceos

as tencent entertainment platform for the new business, officially launched in September last year, tencent’s literary debut at the annual conference, is an independent release unit. Tencent entertainment officially announced, tencent literature will be in the form of a subsidiary, an independent operation, founder of qidian wu will act as their CEO of tencent literature, solely responsible for tencent, the management and operation work of literature. Conference, wu as the core of the tencent literature management team and editorial team for the first time the collective appearance, among them, the business of tencent literature President, Zhang Rongren tencent literature, senior vice President. Tencent literature is by tencent company chairman grieco served as vice President.

wu announced that the independent operation of tencent literature, through resource integration and architecture, will have the brand new exchange matrix: in terms of content, mainly men read Chinese “creation” and its woman “cloud on the academy” of the market, have become two major contents in tencent literature’s vertical sites and original source; In terms of product and channel, tencent key power mobile reading literature, have a mobile client application (APP) reading “QQ” and touch-screen web site (” QQ “two big comprehensive content mobile reading products, as well as represented by mobile phone QQ reading center of a batch of comprehensive content develop channels.

at the same time, tencent literature “content”, “product” and “copyright” three professional team has completed form. In 2014, wu said, tencent literature will be from the product and channels to layout, content, writer three dimensions:

first, continue to the mobile Internet as a breakthrough point, to further increase investment, to upgrade the core product experience, dig deep channel value. In terms of content, tencent literature will continue to “literature”. In terms of talent, tencent launched the original star to cultivate literature writer of the “star project”.

mobile game “boutique industry chain platform strategy”

tencent company senior vice President of Ma Xiaoyi released tencent mobile gaming platform strategy “boutique industry chain”, namely through comprehensive, as well as the industrial chain, including content, channels of distribution, each link of the products, help partners to realize industrial scale and the quality of parallel growth of strategic development.

Ma Xiaoyi revealed that in the next 2-3 years, output value of the mobile games will exceed 50 billion mark, occupy one third of the online game industry. Mobile gaming has become the strategic business of tencent, become the key to the development of the tencent company in the future. Tencent will take “the terminal” development strategy, launched in ensuring sustained end swam, page under the premise of his works, increase investment in mobile games. Tencent game in 2014, new signing agent box of the research project, the proportion of mobile gaming has accounted for 80%.

in the conference, vice President of tencent game webber has released “candy legend”, “red cliff flurry”, “comprehensive to play monster”, “national dazzle dance”, “the daily show bucket” and so on many mobile game of the grind and agency, covering the elimination, recruit, CARDS, music, fighting, and so on a variety of game types. In tencent micro letter, such as a strong hand Q channel advantage, can foresee the nuggets speed beyond imagination.

in addition, tencent also started two end product, respectively is world war ii military games “war thunder” and South Korea 3 d action against an ace duel. In addition, the “call of duty OL”, “monster hunter OL” and so on 10 have market appeal and look forward to the end of work and potential new product also.

tencent anime four measures to animation industry chain

as animation market explorer and participants, tencent anime platform officially upgraded to tencent anime at the meeting. In 2014, tencent animation through the four strategies, to get through the anime industrial chain, promote the commercialization of the animation industry.

kenzou tencent entertainment content and the copyright department assistant general manager, said “tencent anime will be based on extensive entertainment strategy, implementation of the four steps to build the Chinese animation industry chain: the comic is a stronger industry chain link, produce excellent works; Second is to strengthen IP animate link, realize IP influence spread; Three is stronger anime game link, through the existing game, realizing the sharing of IP value; Four is stronger merchandise, the realization of copyrighted content aggregation. In 2014, tencent anime will be based on a tencent platform, resources, with excellent axis of IP for the polymerization of anime fans, lay a foundation for anime commercial.”

therefore, tencent anime announced the launch of the first comprehensive through the whole industry chain project, in the official stand. At the same time, on the basis of “naruto” adaptation of the world’s only “naruto OL” naruto role playing online games also announced at the news conference will open on May 29, fetter alpha and attention of the world’s public beta also will launch in years.

the fans of the star entertainment upgrade to build IP economic

tencent literature, tencent animation business platform, with the rise of the birth of due to the driver of the generic strategy of entertainment. Therefore, as the basis of tencent interactive entertainment strategy, the upgrade of the generic strategy of entertainment has become the core and the main line of the conference.

in the previous “IP authorization as the axis, based on the online game operations of interdisciplinary, diversified business development model”, on the basis of this strategic conception grieco for entertainment strategy made a brand new, to be promoted to “symbiosis based on Internet and mobile Internet domain, create star IP fans economy”.

tencent entertainment star to create each IP fans of the economy, is based on the Internet and mobile Internet, implementation literature, animation, games, film and television, music, and the surrounding areas such as entertainment symbiosis, to provide users with three-dimensional multiple interactive entertainment experience. In the process, tencent platform unique social advantage, can be powerful aggregation fans, and through the large data analysis to accurate positioning of content creation, implementation with fans effect in the field of multiple IP content creation and regeneration, prompting a star IP fans realize geometry level growth and APRU value (average revenue per user), finally complete the interactive entertainment industry expansion and value-added.

this, tencent entertainment has been built in recent years to adapt to the trend of platform and business: by tencent games, tencent literature, tencent anime three entity platform to cultivate, output, IP, extending out of the game, literature, animation, film and television, merchandise, five product type. Grieco said in 2014, tencent entertainment will continue to be based on the Internet and mobile Internet, the “star IP building” as a business development direction, in addition to its own IP continuous cultivation and industrialization, also will continue to bring in outside the star of the mature IP, eventually by building extensive entertainment fans economic business system, complete the hatch of potential IP and commercial building.

not only that, based on the new “entertainment” strategic thinking, tencent entertainment officially announced at the scene of the conference and the Disney interactive, dream forte, soft star, cologne copyright management development of science and technology commission as Disney’s flood hero “avengers alliance”, Chinese music variety pinnacle “Chinese good voice”, well-known single-player game “xianjian wonder biography”, the famous novel “tianya moon knife” spread to more terminal network game development as its core entertainment co-operation.

in addition, the most representative as tencent entertainment group has its own star IP, children’s online community “Locke kingdom,” released in 2014 pan entertainment upgrade program: this year will launch large joint golden eagle cartoon channel partners such as movie 3 “holy guardian of the dragon”, it will be the tencent entertainment’s first 3 d big film of each; At the same time, the play “adventures in Locke kingdom” will be in June 1 this year landing premiered at the great hall of the people, “rock” in the second quarter of animation is set for launch in April. Tencent entertainment marketing assistant general manager zheng-rong zhu said, “Locke kingdom” this year plans to content creators, media platform, distribution channels and other fields of high quality partners, in the production of IP, operation, promotion, secondary development, authorization, and other aspects of depth cooperation, build the star of a different IP filling.

e-sports platform development Game all terminal layout

in on the morning of the last link, tencent entertainment also released a new strategy of e-sports. Tencent entertainment market Gao Li, deputy general manager said, the first year of tencent interactive entertainment, tencent e-sports will also usher in a brand new start, we will with platform as the core, in the open, diversity, specialization, globalization in the direction of expanding, continue to boost development of e-sports industry in China. This year there will be more products, more events to join tencent e-sports in the system.

at the core of e-sports strategy tencent, tencent game platform (TGA) and will continue to adhere to the concept of platform and will be on a comprehensive upgrade the existing service. , according to tencent entertainment market, deputy director Jin Yibo each TGA will update more full of live events, for tencent events form a comprehensive coverage of multilevel competitive products, meet the demand of high level competitive user events of the ratings. TGA will also become a game video aggregation platform, players can watch the TGA star product on demand video and TGA of e-sports program; In addition, TGA will also set up a star fan interactive platform. In addition, tencent platform officially open beta.

in addition, tencent entertainment also focus in mobile games, now tencent game has formed swam + pp + mobile game “end” of the whole terminal layout.