Freelance Professional SEO Consultant

My name is Emilio, also known in the network as Emirodgar; I’m an SEO Consultant, that is, I’m dedicated to the professional web positioning of search engine pages.

I have been working as a freelance SEO consultant since 2005 when I started to get interested in the positioning of my own pages in order to obtain a better performance of them.

In 2006 I founded the company AES Informática and strengthened my knowledge in search engine positioning, using them to improve the pages of my clients.

In 2009 I started working as an SEO consultant and web analyst (expert in online marketing) in Traffic4U, an international company specialized in working with large clients, both Spanish and foreign.

During this experience I had the opportunity to learn with the best; working with large accounts helps define yourself as a great professional, capable of taking on great challenges and not content with maintaining what you have to be able to aspire to the maximum that can be achieved.

What is an SEO consultant?

If you do not know what an SEO consultant is, I recommend this extract from wikipedia to give you an idea.

SEO, the English acronym for Search Engine Optimization, search engine optimization. It consists of applying various techniques aimed at getting Internet search engines to place a certain web page in a high position and category (first positions) within its results page for certain key search terms and phrases.

How to hire an SEO consultant?

If you are interested in hiring an SEO consultant to improve traffic or conversions of your pages, I would like to give you some recommendations.

Search your name on the Internet (forums, blogs, etc.). This will give you an idea of whether he is known or if there are bad opinions about him.

If it guarantees a result, it flees. Nobody can ever guarantee any result given that Google (and other search engines) have their rules and, unfortunately, SEO consultants do not know them

It requires that you give information about clients with whom you have worked or various success cases (only one is not valid)

Before giving the money, register in a forum specialized in web positioning and ask for opinions about the company or the freelance SEO consultant that you want to hire.

SEO consultant oriented to results

The future goes through results-oriented work. Unfortunately, around the world of search engine positioning there are many smoke sellers. Companies and individuals that do not have enough knowledge to be able to develop an efficient positioning strategy but still try to deceive poor deluded people.

For this reason, I have decided to focus on results, that is, once someone hires my services, I will only charge (according to conditions) at the moment my client obtains results.

If my client does not earn anything, neither will I, he will be safe because he will not have lost money and I will have invested my time and gained experience. Seen in a more generic way, either we win the two or no one loses.

How many companies or individual smoke sellers can do this? He who has experience in this field and is a professional, knows very well if he will improve a page or not.

How can I be an SEO consultant?

SEOs, like most professionals, are not born, they are made. I know there are many courses, masters and workshops whose aim is to train people as experts in marketing but if something I have learned during my career as an SEO consultant is that if you want to be good positioning pages in search engines, there is only one formula: Read and experience .