Seven NiuYun storage for a new round of tens of millions of dollars in financing

hunting cloud network news on August 1,

cloud storage service provider announced seven cows, has completed a new round of amount to tens of millions of dollars in financing, the led by the broadband capital, warp/weft and enlightenment and existing investors.

according to the seven cows the money raised will be mainly used for infrastructure expansion, research and development system and filling construction of cloud, it will also stepped up efforts at sea for local enterprises.

the data shows, seven cows, founded in 2011, is committed to providing one-stop enterprise data management services, according to the domestic Internet environment creative to build a set of localized cloud storage service, launched two years has been for nearly 100000 corporate clients, covering social, mutual entertainment, business, online education, security, etc.

seven cows, founder and CEO, said Xu Shiwei and broadband capital cooperation promote very quickly, because the industry background and insight, the trend of future cloud service industry must let professional people do professional thing, cloud services completely accepted still needs a long-term effort, as much as possible and requires a combination of all aspects of the resources.