Seventy percent of users don’t want to pay more for more solid iPhone screen more than 300 yuan

the apple is committed to research and development of new synthetic sapphire iPhone screen, it is more strong than glass screen, more scratch resistant. Of course it will spend more money. So what are you willing to spend how many money to buy the stronger mobile phone screen? Recently a survey from the foreign media, in advance for us reveal the public’s attitude toward the iPhone 6 sapphire screen.

the results showed that 18.7% of respondents said that willing to chance or to pay for the repairs, in addition also don’t want to spend a penny; 6% of respondents can only afford to apple the cost of maintenance, or insurance (AppleCare representatives confirmed an); 44.5% of respondents can accept additional cost less than $50; While 30.9% of respondents are willing to spend more than $50. So, most people are not willing to pay for a so-called stronger iPhone screens, and pay more purchases.

hard screen has obvious appeal: broken screen is a disaster. For broken screen guarantees SquareTrade estimates that 11% of iPhone users mobile phone screen is broken.

spend some money to buy more solid screen like to spend money to buy insurance, compared with the existing various maintenance, hard screen appears to be making it easier to call the shots. Each iPhone cell phone has one year warranty hardware. Apple has sold is called AppleCare representatives confirmed an extension of the guarantee, the first two years warranty. For the iPhone, buy delay guarantee $99 in advance. After the warranty period, each take a screen to spend $79, up to fix two times.

this may be reassuring, in addition to repair broken screen, also include other problems such as poor battery – but you can’t bargain. The apple store for didn’t buy AppleCare representatives confirmed an user repair the phone’s screen: an iPhone 5 it usually takes more than $150. It almost the same price compared to delay guarantee and maintenance (or slightly cheaper). In recent years, is responsible for the maintenance of the iPhone screen of the retail industry (authorized or unauthorized) also beginning. New York’s times square a RadioShack company repair the iPhone 5 screen for $119. But choose to shop a forlorn hope.

wireless operators also sell mobile phone insurance, the loss of mobile phone is usually in the range of insurance. But I still don’t reduce the price. For example AT& T, each phone fee of $6.99 per month, while the iPhone 5 pays insurance premium may be up to $199. Let’s read these rules: the plan for every 12 months to you only have two maintenance, and repair of mobile phone and may be used.

since wireless mobile operator subsidies less, many choices will change, the user will pay the full price and more frequently to upgrade. This means that the new mobile phone iPhone users will pay at least $650 in full. Moreover, the user can not stick to a typical two years upgrade cycle and more or less control over their mobile phones.

also take into account a lot. One option is to mobile phone price protection shell, or simply telling myself this careful doesn’t make a penny.

are you willing to be this is not easy to broken iPhone screen spend how many money?