Shadow, found good movie a word

you’ll admit, most people can’t find good movie. Most of the time this is something unexpected. In addition to these the list, done, it’s should be focused to find, not easy.

how should be good film was introduced, a cored lines may be able to meet. Screen film is actually a talented, especially for fear of choice, in accordance with tempted to answer movie lines, may be a good choice.

shadow, UGC way with “a figure, a word to describe the movie”, to resonate with each other. This sentence can be lines, can also be a comprehension, add a drawing of the film, can be still can be a screenshot. Layout together, describe the essence of the film or aura.

have so much power?

so, a movie, nothing more than to write down the heart deep lines, fixed lens. Those ha into in although good reviews, but left after seen gee, also there is no other. In fact, more is to want to have their own expression, remember a word, a feeling is profound.

package is a lot of people don’t write reviews, but actually he is more expression desire, remember just meet them.

will be different people’s understanding of the movie, remember and moving lines are different, with different stills screenshots, everyone to publish their understanding of the film. Finally together, a film about a complete comprehension framework. Seems to be turned into a movie magazine. When combined with such as douban, by the way, reviews such as optical network, individual users to understand the depth of the film will be more full.

experience, in the book of the Chronicles of the shadow, users to publish their work is very simple, just add a search box to find a movie name, shadow in photo choice now offers two kinds, one kind is the user’s own choice upload photo album, there’s a more intimate, can choose online image tag, they arranged inside the stills and screenshots, supply lines and comprehension.

is the name of the previous shadow, shadow remember according to their weibo, server unstable situation many times before, but now is completely normal, also enabled the new name. Team is currently in a film of micro operations and hot film.

maybe for most people, it will only is a niche product, film is a kind of spiritual pleasure, do not need to read too much. But always someone need, perhaps such as I will always be 80% of viewers, but this does not prevent real enthusiasts who share enthusiasm is 20%.

in addition, such as graphic film that a more comprehensive illustration PPT, this word picture film description, will be open to select suitable taste in movies a good choice. Piercing, after all, just a moment, a deep understanding of still have to finish first.

shadow remember


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