ShenYin and Luo Zhenyu began: I know

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jorin right raccoon dog ShenYin and Luo Zhenyu 818 today. This two days is just eight two fat really didn’t mean it.

the first statement, uncle jorin not fat fans, is ShenYin fans. Uncle say shame, jorin and ShenYin age, is a year of dragon came to this earth, slightly earlier entrants, but in business writing in the professional category, ShenYin is one of the uncle jorin model. Jorin uncle ever do for blue lion a TCL business history books, looked through all about Mr Li was anecdotal presided over the French Thomson and alcatel mobile phone companies failed fall through of the description, the most worthy of reference in the paragraph is from ShenYin, Daniel.

jorin uncle first meet ShenYin this honour, because jorin on PC colleague RaoYuFeng, then followed with ShenYin NiuWenWen do entrepreneurs magazine, is only a magazine at the time, the phase of entrepreneurs to make the cover of the issue of jingdong, uncle jorin help to write the article jingdong how far is it from amazon’s comments, which saw the legendary ShenYin, talk gently, slender, and manage a big steel, a scholar spirit.

ShenYin from entrepreneur magazine, NTA, uncle jorin wrote a little: “ShenYin said he decided to leave the business entrepreneurs to social media, I was stunned, but I still wish him first. Blessing, also share me as in the media and industry to switch back and forth N old man some tips: 1 media business, often of macros, short in slightly, but the outcomes of entrepreneurship. 2 don’t think can go back, must be resolutely, swing is a no-no. 3 don’t and than, the wave and the next wave of no chance.” At this time is the end of October 2010. Rereading this weibo today, with emotion. Over the years, ShenYin actually pretty back, he was the founder of the entrepreneurs and the first editor in chief, but because has not the 10% stake in the run away; Weibo era when opening the barbarian abstract are flawed, barbarian had an accident; Logical thinking, but Luo Zhenyu fly alone.

ShenYin affinity with Luo Zhenyu depth, mostly because tencent: 3 q war, tencent Luo Zhenyu host diagnosis, fame, turned into tencent public relations. There are rumours, ma of some of the important speech, Luo Zhenyu provider is the main idea. ShenYin also service tencent, the difference is that Luo Zhenyu more in his personal attitude, as a consultant; ShenYin is the body of the company to the level of the service, both look till, but actually the difference TianYuan far.

pr this is depends on the individual business, with tencent and increase of investment, to the attention of the public relations Luo Zhenyu began to less important; And ShenYin is different, he is the company operation, can service N the customer at the same time, the distinction between companies and individuals began to emerge. Under this background, logical thinking was reasonable.


have time to shenzhen, uncle jorin in oct creative industrial park of the porridge please rice, expresses the ShenYin which day if I can return to a line of personal, ShenYin smiling without a word. Jorin uncle and he knows, ShenYin really can’t go back. Do companies ShenYin to ShenYin to consider, need to be able to produce N ShenYin continuously, the resulting business, it is also a platform for business.

here, is enough to understand why ShenYin and Luo Zhenyu initially formed company why ShenYin accounted for 83%, Luo Zhenyu accounted for 17%, the ratio of 5:1 should be approved by both at the beginning, after all ShenYin can bring the full force of the company to support and promote Luo Zhenyu.

but reasonable things are often not reasonable, because on the logic of this project, only will be more and more big, the proportion of Luo Zhenyu as Luo Zhenyu personal brand bigger and bigger, this irrationality is enlarged.

at the end of the day, what do you want to be ShenYin platform, since want to mass produce Luo Zhenyu such media star, but ShenYin Luo Zhenyu more understanding and cooperation is his brokerage model. The company the difference of thinking and individual thinking became apparent.

about ShenYin and Luo Zhenyu breakup, there are a lot of rumors, hearsay is a ShenYin ask Luo Zhenyu for 1 million, Luo Zhenyu would not, from this point. Rumor is ShenYin think Luo Zhenyu imparting too much,, Luo Zhenyu which points are put forward. These versions are phenomenal, but are not enough to believe. ShenYin and Luo Zhenyu are Daniel, see big world, it is very difficult to break up these little interest.

a version is closer to the truth, because of the success of the membership fees, ShenYin Luo Zhenyu is logical thinking with the project financing in the market, before the quotation for RMB 1, it tells of a similar story of the fan community, sexy, this story ShenYin Luo Zhenyu and reputation, so, still true have many investment institutions to follow. But the problem is out, this company ShenYin NTA represent bulk, although traders also ShenYin, but core asset is Luo Zhenyu, simply put, ShenYin in this project is the general manager, Luo Zhenyu is editor in chief, but between two people in the right proportion of equity, etc. Once investment institutions, whether put NTA to come in, but in this case, ShenYin will only proportion bigger, still cannot solve the stability problem.

if, the whole Paris could fit in a bottle, if the bottle is large enough. But uncle jorin or want to do some assumptions for its, these assumptions may have help to newcomers, especially those who want to in the media business brothers and sisters!

assumption 1: if the equity in the beginning is a 50:50, so it is better to do, attracting new shareholders to come in, and then synchronization dilution and setting up the option pool, who contribute to the company according to the present and future big pool should be (fat) will be the option most of the donation party, hence, luo fat has become the first big shareholder, company ShenYin enjoy rights as an angel. ShenYin want to dominate in the new company operating, the NTA outfit in can make a price.

hypothesis 2: if the equity in the beginning is “0, it does not need to discuss, quite ShenYin is an angel, a good case.

hypothesis 3: if the equity in the beginning is 70:30, it is relatively complex, but also can operate, ShenYin can give to 20% fat, into the assumption 1.


it’s all business, it is not so complicated.

widely, because of historical reasons causing uneven distribution of interests have not been corrected in time, start to contact with VC, the resulting passive or common things, actually this kind of thing can consult jorin uncle, uncle jorin has not do an angel, but a number of VC consultant, there is some time and mood to give some ideas.

seems to VC, is really the heart, we all think too highly of the present, to oneself too light, when frustrated, underestimate yourself, overestimate yourself in prosperity, it is human nature.

however, ShenYin and Luo Zhenyu together to create a myth of the media to let the media people see hope, I wish they break up don’t let the noise of the new media people disappointed.

and line and cherish it.