Shi yuzhu for ma resisted: who listed on the sniper ali

On July 14,


the board chairman, shi yuzhu giant network to cluster and weibo today, for alibaba in the quiet period keen sense of of all kinds of malicious attack, shi yuzhu say: “see each other mouth by suture, blunt go up and fight, it’s not fair.”

shi yuzhu said: “the upcoming ali, now silent period. Against ali and ma suddenly soar. Afraid of offending, ali can not clarified. See each other mouth by suture, blunt go up and fight, it’s not fair.”

according to the securities and exchange commission (SEC), the provisions of the listed companies listed on the submitted prospectus, into the “silent period (quiet period)”. During this period, the company shall not release the prospectus outside of the major listed related information. Company in publicity, news interview, executives and analysts and investors to meet, was heavily restricted. Alibaba’s silence period from early may apply for the listed beginning, until the prospectus to take effect, even after being traded, there will be listed after the silence period of 30 to 45 days.

since alibaba announced to the public in March, a variety of sniper listed on its forces were present. And on June 18th is sniper small climax.

on the same day, the United States congress of the u.s.-china economic and security review commission, a staff member to write a report on the Chinese Internet companies listed in the us risk reports, including project mentioned already in the public offering of alibaba. This for the sniper was picked up, a big wave reports and comments appear quickly on the Internet again, “would be a deadly threat to the prospect of alibaba IPO”. Media will manuscript title as the u.s.-china economic and security review commission: investment ali has a big risk.

but in fact, the report to the securities and exchange commission on whether to approve listed on alibaba also won’t have any direct influence. First of all, this is a copy of the u.s.-china economic and security review commission “staff report”, the report has been clarified in the beginning, this report does not represent commission in addition to the author, more do not represent any other staff members of congress. Moreover, the commission is just the nature of the U.S. congress affiliated institution, a think-tank, properties of no decision-making authority. And the tip is listed on the first page of the report and has significant characters, but was ignored.

after the report of the sniper is invalid. Sniper who turned to the “guests”, and began to question the investment purchase of alibaba, but in fact, alibaba in the prospectus, submitted to the SEC, alibaba group chairman jack ma has made public commitments: ma to small micro gold enjoyed by direct and indirect benefits will be no more than he enjoys in the ali group public offering, the proportion of earnings; If alibaba need, he promised to use all legal and investment tools, holding company, and further promote the various variable interest entities, alibaba’s business interests and refuse to produce any economic profits, on the premise of the law allows, will transfer these benefits to alibaba.

in addition, there are also some since media accounts and media for ali and ma personal abuse type attack, is still going on. (wood of sina science and technology south)