“Shoot” out of your secret! Do video application Awkward fascinating

Secret Secret sharing application and Whisper has caused some controversy in the near future, but these applications may be just beginning some of the more controversial. Imagine, if anonymous information through video come out, will cause much reaction?

this seems to be an Awkward anonymous called sharing application of a new task, through the video shooting fuzzy, which allows you to rest assured record stabbing, unknown to share their secrets.

application is Germany Redcyan, founder of the iOS app can do anonymous video recording for 10 seconds, it also can let the user choose myself video fuzzy degree, if you have enough courage, you can even let you do the video zero fuzzy.

once you do the video has been uploaded, it will generate a unique URL address, and in the browser can instantly browse, also via email, Facebook, Twitter and such social platform sharing this link. In addition, you can also use “confession” video embedded in any web page, improving participatory.

another social function, the program will allow you to like any video of the polling place praise for you, and you can mark you don’t like video. These functions, it is generally believed that the latter is a good idea, because at present a lot of similar applications have more or less sexually suggestive and some not harmonious content. Through dissonant video “on”, so that the unsuspecting user quickly identify video content.

in the user to record video, Awkward can add background music for the video, when the user watching others send video, you can choose to listen or not listen to the music in the background. In the theme choice, this is a great decision, because it can give a very odd add an upbeat music video. In future versions may add some more new music tide options.

we found some bugs in the process of test, if you don’t give the application can use the microphone, when your video recording is completed, the application will crash, do and have already recorded video will not be saved.

although video can have enough blur effect to hide the identity of the user, but, for privacy activists, it seems to be at risk. Ulterior motives might have originally the video of fuzzy reduction by special means, or simply the expression is “out”.

this is to say, this application seems to be more entertaining without strict social responsibility. If you have a “real” big secret in your heart, with Awkward may not necessarily is the best choice. Because it can clear record your voice, even if the video picture is fuzzy, may also is not a good choice for users’ privacy.

however, using this application may be addicted to, even if you only use it to see someone else’s anonymous confession. Therefore, can treat the new upload short application of anonymous messages, please be careful.