Short small moving frequently don’t have to worry about, saviour Buddytruck become north drift

now like Uber and Lyft Shared with taxi service more and more popular, it is no wonder that this idea will inspire people to let move also Shared.

Buddytruck move is a point-to-point on-demand application platform, can let the truck or minivan drivers through application and become “a porter”.

the iOS application requires the user to first take a photo for the need to move the furniture, and upload the photos will be sent to all the region employed within the scope of the driver. To the driver of the car will arrive at the location of the user and help to pack, then items and submit it to the designated place.

this time allows handling one or two pieces of goods moving application sharing service is currently operating in Los Angeles, USA. But Buddytrcuk co-founder and CEO Brian Foley says, company plans in the near future to expand our business to New York.

the application has a built-in algorithm can track every time handling time and mileage. Users will be able to receive push message when moving vehicle departure and arrival, so that they ensure that the application of calculation is correct. Service fee standards for $40/PM, but the charge will reduce with the increase of time needed for relocation.

as for the profit distribution, 80% of income in the service as a driver, and charge the other 20% of the company. And service has not set a minimum time limit threshold, which means that even if you trip to move only took 15 minutes and applications will only charge for 15 minutes.

want to participate in the handling of the owner, either through application can also apply for it through the site; But no matter what way, the owner must have no criminal record certificate and through the state DMV survey; When companies to interview the owner, will be inspection on their vehicles.

Buddytrcuk also requires a mutual driver and user. Foley said, this is in order to let the driver met requires moving beyond the cap on the number caused by the user or the user is not in agreement, can have a feedback channel.

however, relocation Shared services is not new. Short of Tennessee Bellhops moved application for two years of operation experience; The latest Uber also claimed that Nashville UberMover will cooperate with Bellhops. Bellhops services and Buddytruck similar, but the Bellhops service only in the weekend, and service time within a few hours only. The service was originally designed to provide platform for willing to part-time college students, but now the Bellhops 42 states already in the United States more than 121 cities in the operation implementation, provides about 8000 jobs.

this is composed of nine workers Buddytruck has raised about $150000 so far, there may be a lot of money to be raised. But if you’re in Los Angeles, now just need to move something, Buddytruck can be a good choice!

Source: TC