Shotclock teach you how to social information and the perishable “race”

in the face of more and more multifarious social applications, App generation will also want to try a new way used to and friends to share photos and video? Probably the answer is no, but it will not prevent a startup company will position itself in this field. Recently according to the report from ComScore Snapchat burn after reading application as the third most popular social networking application, after the number one cause of Facebook and second sets, in the millennial generation application stand out. Start-up companies operating in the field of the bottom line is: children still addicted to the news and pictures of sharing, so the company will provide a new way and new transaction to reverse the present situation of the information class application, trying to win their attention.

a application in strong recently called Shotclock into this field, and claims to have the fastest way to let you and your friends to share photos and video. This app running interface is your camera view images, and the interface will be permanent as application background, the purpose is to let the user always is in a state of ready pictures. Allows you to capture to every detail of life. Users can according to their own needs for photos to add a title text, and then click a button can also share your message to all your friends.

if this sounds a bit like a Fling, although not Fling random elements, but is worth emphasizing that Shotclock message validity is short. Apply default your Shotclock message can be saved for an hour, but if your friends to send message to you the stars, then it will be a few extra minutes, life length is determined by the message is point the number of stars. In addition, if they share the news, the survival time of the news would per share increased 10 minutes at a time. So basically you prefer and friends to share your message, you send message retention time will be longer.

so this is basically a popularity contest, like all the types of games, they don’t have any real material things, but people love to pursue. People are longing for the social recognition of himself, it will give the message a virus viscosity, is designed to keep the application usability. It is worth noting that Facebook is currently trying to launch a very similar applications, Slingshot, this is a messaging applications, only let you see your friend to send you message later, you could create a message sent back. To be fair, the emergence of the Slingshot not too much attention, it sank barely a ripple. At the same time, the application of can sent a word hype yukio okamoto, popularity is rising quickly, these fluctuations and capricious elusive mobile information application industry.

Shotclock behind the startup Rumr is also responsible for a group messaging applications, this app has been launched as early as march, provides a let a group of friends in the safety of personal talking behind the mask of the environment. Although the inside of the chat group of no one knows the name of others, but people’s personal remarks are not attached to their identity, so can let more people to participate in the group chat environment, there will be a chat with a group of strange acquaintance in the magic feeling. This app is pursuing social sharing application steps, such as the Secret they can let you share your news or unable to give you my friends, but don’t have to worry about sending a message.

Rumr company in October last year for its message application project, raised $800000 in seed money by Khosla Ventures Ben Ling in the lead. Google’s vc Siegler also took part in the round of investment, Siegler at the same time as the TechCrunch columnist. Along with Greycroft Partners, the Los Angeles women angels Paige Craig and Scott Lahman, textPlus founder and chief executive, also participated in the investment projects.

Rumr CEO and founder James Jerlecki, said the company’s strategy is to make many applications are focused on communications, although he has not been reported so far Rumr the use of any particular data, in addition to say “we in July was sent messages based on the total number of one of the most important month”. So it’s a bit like a bullet quickly toward the crowded message application field, and hope to be able to achieve better traction. , he said, there are many Rumr function on the Shotclock, this means that the team can quickly build an application, make its market to have enough to use up quickly.

“of course, in this area there are a lot of” noise “” when asked how to make Shotclock stand in such a crowded industry space, Jerlecki so answer. “I think any time you can more quickly and easy to get things, you can give it a try”.

he added: “most of the time when I filmed a video or photos, I don’t need a preview picture. Of course, I may want to see it later, you can do it, (you can achieve this function on Shotclock), but I just want to share my time with my family. In addition to Shotclock, there is no other application that allows you to quickly share a lot of message to the user specified. Only need to gently, can make the message to every concern you of person, it is so simple.”

like the original Snapchat, Shotclock cut down any photo processing functions and the application focus on speed and spontaneity. So you can’t see the filter, and sets a similar didn’t control the function of the video shooting, in addition to start and stop of the two most basic functions. So, it’s clear that it is targeting more extensive than Vine sense of operation. Focus on Jerlecki “instant” function, users take a photo, then point at a time, and then sent to the upload module, the purpose of this step is to give them the chance to add like words if necessary. Or click and hold on, you can record a video, when they let go on the finger on the screen, video message will be sent out immediately.

Jerlecki said that is the coolest it can instant messaging, and to ensure that is true, I can’t edit it, I can’t touch it to make sure that the photo of me is perfect. When you see in the Vine, sets or even Snapchat stories or photos, they can be edited or elaborate. These are not what we need.

is also about the real function of “instant”, is his design an application, to be able to start in their ears, designed to encourage users to share before they think of something better. Applications can benefit from the models of the spread of the virus, no matter what was thrown to the fans. In Shotclock game elements, users were encouraged to return content to keep the message for a longer time, so the application of this degree may be referred to as the “virus”.

so no wonder Jerlecki does not think instant broadcast as a niche, he said: “I can’t send real-time segmentation, this is a brand new still in the field of exploration. I think you will see more things, especially in the content not long shelf life, there are many scenes are fleeting, LIVE shows, concerts and LIVE music there are some areas we need to focus on.

of course, just because the program is designed to have very strong viscosity does not mean that it will succeed. There’s a fine line between what is cool, and what is not, that teenagers can tell you. Looking for a “digital diet” to attract the children too sensitive emotions is an amazing thing. Facebook’s success stories to tell you. So Shotclock could make the mistake Slingshot. Or it may absorb the imagination of a group of teenagers, or more likely some self propaganda marketing type makes application is to use time longer.

he said: “many of our key projects will help creators common own brand, but also help them make money on our platform. Directly through these relationships, it is a good way of getting feedback, hope to the platform from the excavation of the desired information. Have a lot of people have asked, whether it is to send such a link, such as websites such as So we added, if you want to go into the shotclock, you can directly to send a link. This is not a Vine, Snapchat or sets a way, but this is a good way to let you guide your store or website user traffic.