Shyp, make consumers most worry of Courier service

Courier service providers based on user requirements, a few months ago was officially launched in San Francisco, has now started to expand new markets.

in September 2013, Shyp completed seed round of funding, for $2.3 million, by the Homebrew Ventures led, a number of angel investors to vote. Recently, Shyp received $10 million in financing, again by Shervin Pishevar and SherpaVentures led. Stanford class will join the company’s directors.

Shyp has association with almost all of the traditional transportation company, is committed to provide people with convenient, fast and save money, packaging, pickup, delivery one-stop service. Users only need to download the Shyp iOS app, and then put the photo you want to mail items, enter the address, the rest of the whole is ready to Shyp – Courier will come to pickup, and select a the most economic and fast path to carry these things to your destination.

the service in the San Francisco area boomed. Within a few months, Shyp has delivered worldwide 15000 package, user scale to turn over 20 times.

on a sounder footing, Shyp began to expand. Co-founder and CEO Kevin Gibbon said, this is it choose SherpaVentures as part of A round collar for people.

SherpaVentures partner – Pishevar and Stanford, in P2P services based on user demand has a rich experience in investment. Two people have been involved in Uber investment. Pishevar also invested in many other start-ups, such as TaskRabbit (service platform) and Scorpio (car rental), etc. Recently, they also brought in private kitchen cuisines are scheduled platform Munchery B round of funding.

Shyp ready to move to New York market this fall. Company has rented warehouse for storage, in New York and are recruiting the door packaging and pickup driver. At the same time open the relevant registration page, users can register in advance, so that you can use Shyp service in the first place.

in addition to market expansion, Shyp also wants to use the funds to improve themselves, to increase the service to the new platform, make it meet the needs of all types of customers. Gibbon, said registered user type surprise. They are only expected to individual consumers at the beginning, but a lot of sales platform on the strength of the seller, and even some large companies, are beginning to use Shyp service.

Shyp are also trying to bring more equipment to support the application, it can be to Android and other users of the system.