Side! Blackberry release Project Ion, sword refers to the Internet of things

according to foreign media coverage of science and technology, the blackberry has officially launched its Internet promotion plan Project Ion. The project aims to help the blackberry expand their “sphere of influence” in the field of Internet of things. Analysts pointed out that the Internet of things is a piece of fertile soil, enough to make dying new blackberry “root”.

Project Ion Project is launched blackberry encompass a broad development of the Internet of things. Including: security application platform based on QNX, used in massive data collection device; Between the partners, operators, and application developers, establish good communication bridge; With the Internet of things industry standard setting bodies a wide range of cooperation, and so on.

the blackberry, points out that Project Ion Project enterprise is the main target audience. It hopes to iot equipment and services for enterprise users “package solution”. Including the unified management, enterprise of enterprise employee networking equipment in all the networked sensors in data collection, measurement and analysis, and so on.

in the era of smartphones, the blackberry ever walked a lot of detours, eventually make their basic out of public view. Now eagerly looking forward to coming back to life, it is still feeling the stones across the river. For the current blackberry, can success may have been less important, the key is to be able to break through the inherent thinking, towards a more potential, more has the advantage industry, advance bravely.