Signal: the May Day during the day the cat wireless side clinch a deal the first PC

On May 4,


May 1 day, day cat wireless terminal sales increase of 53.8%, PC sales for the first time. And 2-5 month on May 3rd, Tmall wireless average daily pay treasure to clinch a deal the Tmall total deal than 49.8%, PC volume level.

in user visits, the day the cat wireless side also showed strong growth momentum, wireless end user visits with PC end user visits rose 26%, 88. 2%. Is a concrete data, during the period of the May Day, just on the tip of the tongue of China 2 after the broadcast to 24 points, on May 3, 500, ten thousand people visited the day cat wireless terminal.

as ali group strategy an important part of the whole cloud + end, by many, including wireless terminal end service consumers, mentioned a very important position. Wang Yulei Tmall President in 2014 Tmall strategy conference has recently said, “ relative to mobile phone taobao, Tmall is not to do a new client, but combine personalized and big data in Tmall wireless terminal. personalization is good for consumers, cat day by these data can make brands more value.”

Wang Yulei also stressed that “the most ideal one day, is user out his phone and see Tmall, can realize the personalized, here see the thing that oneself like, or you can see what others like. and the brands marketing from the past single way become more diversification, personalization, day cat wireless consumers preferences, help them to grasp different deeper communication.”

wireless PC end beyond, it is a big signal, signal mobile electricity will be high, the proportion of electricity people concern.