Silicon valley’s humanistic spirit and the thinking mode

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silicon valley, a circle the mecca of science and technology. Pilgrimage, don’t know how much is the heart of yearning.

the products last week salon, tencent the vice-president Yu Chen yeepay payment, please. He shares the main saw in six months in silicon valley. In silicon valley, he has done before and after the interview 60 times, including the Internet pioneer, entrepreneurs, investors and entrepreneurs.

however, through such a long investigation, the most let he lamented not silicon valley’s technology and innovation, but the humanities spirit and thought pattern. In Yu Chen point of view, these are the essence of silicon valley.

the first core value.

in an interview, Yu Chen found outside the Pepperdine university of southern California has a flag matrix, the scene was very impressive. Flag in the matrix, in addition to the flag of the United States, and flag in other countries, including China. At that time, they cast the first reaction is “American imperialism surrounded the world die”.

however, then they don’t know these flags are each year on September 11, Pepperdine university students to organize a ceremony to honor the memory of the victims of the. That year 2977 people were killed in the event of “911”, so the Pepperdine will prick up to nearly 3000 the flag at the scene, each flag is on behalf of the victims of a country.

in the same way, in Facebook square, there was once a pirate flag halved. And the reason for the flag is Facebook’s a chef died, so he was set at half-mast.

this is actually a kind of humanistic spirit, a genuine respect for people. So, innovation should be a kind of humanistic culture support behind it. Innovators only respect for people, will really understand the nature and purpose of innovation, create real subversive products.

second, embracing the world.

there is a wall of graffiti culture, Facebook, you go to every corner of office area has a variety of graffiti wall, any employee can be left on their own handwriting, graffiti above contents come from the world of different cultures and languages.

in addition to this kind of enterprise culture, through interviews with Facebook founder mark zuckerberg, Yu Chen understanding of mark also almost subversive. He described, zuckerberg from beginning to end is wearing a pair of jeans and a T-shirt, and sometimes even an interview is wearing slippers. His side with a book, always is his diary, write a sentence of Gandhi “starts from me” to change the world.

this is mark, he seems not stick to one pattern, but not our hearts. Mark, for example, although as a very young billionaire, but last year he has become America’s largest a philanthropist, donated more than the number of buffett.

so, a great enterprise or the birth of a great entrepreneur, the first need is embracing the world of feelings.

now, our country many enterprise internationalization, all want to go out. But the real moving towards the world and how many? Yu Chen stressed that if you go to silicon valley, you will find a very interesting phenomenon, silicon valley companies have never said that I want to be the first-class companies in silicon valley, and even did not say to do first-class companies in the United States, they speak right from the start, I want to make a global company. Is no area in their eyes, they have a very strong global view and the feelings of the world, they don’t have the American dream, only the dream world.

third, overturn everything.

Yu Chen in the interview process, a set of very interesting photos whether company or home during Christmas in the United States, a lot of places will put up a Christmas tree. But it is a Christmas tree is the other way round, to express the idea of a world.

heavyweight investors in silicon valley, Tim Draper founded Draper University is a dedicated to teach young people how entrepreneurship, how to innovate a University. They may even encourage you from dropping out of school in the university, directly into the social entrepreneurship. They think that as long as you have a good idea, have the courage to leave school, you should come out business, and they have funded.

the Draper University, you’ll find them at the school gate, jobs on the left, right is the head of tesla’s founder Elon Musk. The university is full of all sorts of subvert our creative design, their school road signs are no speed limit “hero city”.

actually, Draper University is just a microcosm of silicon valley. In silicon valley, there are a lot of subversive innovation for the purpose.

here, all innovators and innovators have a contempt for authority, subverts the traditional courage, they don’t hidebound, uneasy with the status quo, they are all think outside the box. They believed in, “there is no experience is often the biggest wealth”.

4, the game of life.

in addition to advocating subversive innovation culture, in silicon valley, you can also see a very strong atmosphere of the game.

Fry ‘s is a very large electric appliance store in silicon valley, it is one and a half DIY electronics shop, he sells are some of the components, all the appliances need to assemble yourself. Moreover, every appliance store has a different creative theme, you can assemble freely according to their own imagination. Buying process, is actually a process of game.

the headquarters of Facebook, it has a game room, to provide staff casual games. Moreover, they each quarter wage employees to dress up their own office area. Someone dressed up as an astronaut’s office, some will play beach recreational space, and dressed as a dinosaur office area, it is a game.

and blizzard, if you come to its headquarters office, you will find yourself go to the scene in a game. And they send staff to mark the fifth anniversary, the tenth anniversary souvenir, is to the equipment, such as five years to a sword, ten years to a shield.

this is the thinking in silicon valley. They think the game is not a plaything weary in well doing, is a way to change the world. They admired the office mode is “gaming”, in their eyes, any business activities, marketing activities, company management can be achieved by gaming. Because the game can let your employees than the original more enthusiasm, initiative, and once you put your market or business model to make the game later, your customers, users can also become more loyal.

5, the long-range view.

visit Intel, Yu Chen found them – a very interesting position, chief scientist in the future.

Intel people think that the age of technological change fast, every one of us is supposed to be futurists, should live in the future, rather than the present.

so, flushing square in New York, there is a “men in black” alien landing scene in the movie. Here, the underground buried a 1938 “time capsule”, in order to put in the “time capsule” to open after 5000. It is said that when the time capsule it retained a Einstein a letter addressed to the future, he spoke of a word is “we are in a very rich s science and technology, our mind missed our ability, the future of humanity is destroy them or better development, I don’t know.” He hope to future human survive 6938 open the time capsule can be proud to open it.

it is true that a truly great company is need long-term vision, like this sentence: “the mediocre enterprise USES the past two years for the next two years, the great business in the future in 100 launched now”.

6, the heart of the universe.

in the silicon valley in the process of the interview, Yu Chen found a very interesting topic. With one accord they interviewed a lot of people, but will mention a topic – Mars.

DFJ fund TimDraper founder, he is one of the investors of tesla and iron man company, he has also invested in baidu, focus media, yeepay. Bejing headquarters has a very interesting phenomenon, was the general collection of silicon valley’s venture capitalists office are works of art, but in bejing office collection is space supplies, such as the Apollo lunar module in the engine, the Saturn 5 above memory module, the former Soviet union on the control board, etc. We asked with puzzle why he collect these rocket engine? DFJ replied, “only those who are only look at the past will collect art, look at the future people will collect the rocket engine.”

in addition to them, there are many people who interviewed mentioned Mars. It’s really important to Mars?

actually otherwise, is for all the people who love technology, Mars is in fact the secular era of a new sign, he is a new shore in our collective human consciousness and yearning. It just like the paradise in the religion, people need a across the world, besides now need to see more distant things, and all the technology innovation, historical changes, from we are able to transcend reality, can see a the other shore.

today, silicon valley is the valley, because they focus on the humanism and the future, what they do is a process of transcending and imagination. And we also should be the respect and learning.