Since 2013 the P2P run company full table and “revealed its deception”

cloud network hunting note: P2P boom across the Internet, but this is one of the most popular areas has become a major disaster area of illegal crime, the collapse of some P2P platform, news of investors lose everything. Why P2P is run events? What tricks cheater is adopted? Investors how to identify? Hunting cloud network editor gentleman to share this article can offer some reference.

P2P run was born in December 2012, the first murders on-line optimal website, in August 2012, four months then shut down, investors suffer 60 people, the amount of 20 million yuan.

according to the home of net credit monitoring data show that by the middle of June 2014, the country has nearly 750 kinds of P2P lending platform. This year 5 month eight platform run or closed, including the right of rising money, wealth, reputation, citic venture capital, shareholder loans, kernel credit, wei tai venture and hong chang venture capital, etc.

look at 2013 to present P2P run company full table, and then analyzed:

since 2013, P2P industry rapid growth, for the financial industry to bring fresh blood at the same time, also run events emerge in endlessly. According to incomplete statistics, investors have been caught so far more than more than 20, individual platform to absorb funds in one hundred million yuan of above.

after entering June, there are six P2P platform to run. Within the scope of P2P run for the first time in Beijing. First is online only 4 months “net jinbao website” empty rooms, it is understood the site involving more than 260 million. Then Beijing in the second case run case for Beijing melting letter treasure international investment management co., LTD., the legal representative of the “lost contact. Vulnerable investors about 600 people, the amount of about 80 million yuan. The above two platforms in the customer service phone can’t dial, customer service is not online, contact so far.

a P2P network platform with loan run phenomenon is not rare. Data statistics, so far run platform operating hours are under six months, more is operation occurs within three months to run road. However, online in the morning, afternoon ran road situation is rare, and constant Kim opened the first loan.

due to low barriers to entry, get rich rewards, short time and regulatory uncertainty, the P2P network platform loan problems appear frequently. The personage inside course of study thinks, however, this is a key process, the P2P industry of ebb tide after regulation, the industry will gradually took to the track of healthy. But at this stage may be the “liar”, want to take any chances, moral failings the chance to make a pen.

of the P2P, why appear frequently run tide?

the personage inside course of study, according to the analysis of the present, there are two causes of run of a is due to poor management, capital chain disruption, and inaccurate positioning of the market, leading to “run”; Another point of view, from the beginning with fraud in the regulatory uncertainty under the condition of Confucius.

among them, the running platform usually has a few of the same characteristics of the road. The first is the error understanding of interests. Some platforms through profit earning net credit spreads in the points, they think that the more business the more you will earn interest rate differentials. In fact, however, a net credit platform to become mainstream, its cost in maintenance, advertising, and the user experience on the huge capital investment, profit brought by the spread can meet these inputs.

in addition, the market location is unknown. Some platforms investors borrow the new and old ways to maintain the operating platform, provide new investors’ money to pay before investors, on the way to maintain operating platform. However, because in the audit, the control is not strict, leading to the borrower, cause bad debt, and so on and so forth, platform capital chain rupture, then quickly run not bottom go to.

regulation is unclear, policy not landing caused some chances to trample legal red line, leaning on the heart. In the case of the frequency is, the personage inside course of study that summarize the following several characteristics:

1. Liar platform

to build the outline of a P2P lending system, which is higher than the general platform of earnings and preferential policies to entice investors, when investors trust and investment behavior. Early, the cheat will be in accordance with the “commitment” to buy a gift or rebates, to continue to win more money, when the money reaches a certain size, a liar platform is empty.

2. Get the pool

don’t use escrow agency, investors’ money into a platform connection pool, and lend to the borrower by the platform, so that the flow of funds is not transparent. The latest regulation stipulates that P2P platform can only be intermediary platform, shall not establish a pool, which requires capital to accept escrow.

3. Illegal fund-raising

after the financing platform for private use, as a result of financial risk control to make ends meet, and thus cannot return the investors’ money as scheduled, a capital chain rupture.

4. Platform to guarantee

a P2P platform itself do guarantee for borrowers, due to the lack of review mechanism, risk control ability, etc, are often difficult to ensure the credibility of the borrower, finally lead to bad debt problems such as platform capital chain rupture.

investors how to avoid being

P2P run when Sue? Mixed industry present situation and policy is not be born the window period, investors should be how to avoid a run of fraud platform, one in the net lending industry experts share the following experience:

1. Beware of false information

example: the recent run of “net Campbell’s” office address is the moma building 22 layers, the maximum only 20 floors of the building its so-called pictures co-operation with the central bank also belong to PS fraud

advice: to verify the information before investment

the specific approach: can call P2P platform, as borrowers to obtain information about the platform, such as platform risk control conditions and ability, risk control team is professional, system is sound, etc.; But by looking at the business license of this platform, platform with the registered capital, the management team and shareholders background, etc.

2. Do not blindly trust interest rates

example: run flat network in jinbao yield up to 29%.

advice: when investors returns of 29%, the borrower needs to bear interest usually is as high as 40% – 40%, serious violations, and usury was flat, so the platform there is a problem, should be vigilant.

the specific approach: seriously than before the investment profit, should consult professionals are in doubt, don’t blind investment. By the third party platform of P2P platform related information, such as operating time, volume and other information.

3. Alert since the platform, make pool

example: do not use escrow agency, investors’ money into a platform connection pool, repay investors’ money in snowball way (before investors’ money back to investors).

advice: P2P platform can not be used client money illegally sequestration, have no direct lending. Investors should understand that.

the specific approach: if a company have more than one “managed”, and don’t need to open two accounts, are almost all pool model, investors can according to this way. Friends to find out or investors can through the Internet to collect information, verify whether the platform with private lending company, guarantee companies and pawn shops linked collaborators, lest cause by fraud.

4. To prevent false standard

example: the standard title only, without any detailed information disclosure

suggestion: look at the information disclosure degree

the specific approach: formal P2P network platform, in addition to publicly disclose details, also set up offline observer mission, investors can give priority to local P2P platform, so that the entity study and master the information of the platform.

in addition, investors can also use for reference the experience of some risk aversion: diversification, select multiple excellent platform bid; Rational investment, try to choose high visibility, strength of the old platform, avoid platform and the new interest rates significantly higher than the industry platform; Focus on platform, communicate with platform and other investors, as well as exchange of needed goods; Don’t infatuated with principal and interest protection.

at the moment, the development of network lending industry still faces many uncertainties, but also faced with severe challenges. However, there is no denying that network lending to micro, small and medium enterprises and individual financing problems provides more possible and beneficial attempt. In the future, under the condition of the policy, the network lending industry will also be healthy development.

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