Since the media why suddenly so fire? The innovation of the window

hunting cloud network on July 14,

millet martial let more people know the social marketing, gives people a sense from the media, the media since then from back to front, by people of all kinds of puff and criticizing. What is capital market favor, after all, Internet users is king!

so barons started playing up the idea of the media, many of the media platform construction in full swing, weibo, 360, not long ago UC just three open conference announced three jointly promoting “weibo from media platform”.

since the media has a user alongside the body, good story


since the media people rely on their own unique ideas, thoughts and content, to attract a large number of users, the use of social flow platform, the spread of the virus effect to influence the user’s cognition.

because of the powerful media star, celebrity and great influence to niche industry, for the dream of becoming famous V users willing to carefully produce high quality content; For each Internet platforms such high-quality UGC content and user activity, is his own living up the foundation of value; For advertising business, accurate user base, and with a strong opinion propaganda guidance type, coupled with the spread of social effect, the accurate localization marketing effect is difficult to replace any other form.

interactions between large user base, and finally became a social, what social, social games, social advertising, value-added services… All out into a higher valuation is thought to be the highlight of..

so good thing, since the media bosses must to do at all. Now almost all the Internet bosses layout home since the media platform, leaves a media gene of ali. But ali has took the account, and then in the active participation of other new media.

since the fire of the media.

since the rise and development of the media

and should speak of from the media, have not a new thing, the first generation since the media platform – blogs, soon from the recent invention of the Internet was born. Due to the time of the users is not big, product extremely scarce everywhere on the Internet for a fee, blog this kind of products are not be valued by industries rely on UGC, until the 911 time, 04 years domestic 01 muzimei events, make people found the public blog communication effect, at the time of portal bosses to 05 to whet haw opened their own blog platform. Ever since the age of blogs.

in the blog’s fledgling s, people can touch the computer, can even get to the Internet already seem to be very high-end, then the user’s curiosity and the enthusiasm of the code word is extremely strong, so in that simply don’t have to worry about the content with rare for expensive s user activity, but also produce a batch of celebrity blog.

then, each blog began to use the method of spending money to attract celebrity name bo, strive to create their own blog platform, like the show now. And ordinary blog users rely on blogging platform, the chance of fame are getting smaller and smaller, the user activity problem becomes more and more obvious. The user on the blog has evolved into a simple looking, specifically to see celebrity blogger, just like now state of weibo, weibo, of course, in many ways better than a blog.

this is the first generation of the media.

then better since the media platform twitter appeared, followed by the domestic appeared similar to twitter, and then, because you know some policy reasons, collapsed. Sina weibo is growing step by step, then take the place of the original rice no.

weibo because its short and easy to operation, the content of the forward, reviews, thumb up, attention, when fans each other, and so on numerous features of easy to use, easy to spread, received user, blog gradually replaced the original position, once again ignited the enthusiasm of the user.

then know, WeChat, baidu, tencent and use their own traffic platform launched hundred, everyone from media platform, and sohu, netease, etc. Also use their own media platform to build their own from the media.

based on Internet thirst for active, viscosity of users, each of the media passion ignited by moment, led by a group of leaders, the media don’t fire is difficult.

this is the second generation of the media, the giants have all had a very positive, some bosses have begun a preliminary exploration of a new generation of the media.

at the beginning of the second generation since the media around show, be badly in need of new change

weibo users of the decline of the activity has been the repeated interpretation, more and more users are no longer active content production, acting as the role of the spectator. QQ space deformation of simplified version of the micro letter circle of friends, because of various factors acquaintances, make many people began to flee, under its own social attribute, the function of the media is against.

so since the media people’s enthusiasm began to decline, the old users not active, the new user to early adopters stage, it is bound to affect the quality of the platform, the loss of the user. And it is also a good chance the rise of a new platform, so leaders began to arms extended, exhausted nursing time for a new function, to build a better platform.

new change direction so far only two directions, one is the better product functionality, like weibo to change the blog, make more output and distribution of content; Another is the upgrade from the media ecology, and the age of blogs contrast is high salary dig celebrity blogger, to improve the quality of their own platform, attract users, the new media times it has seemed quite original.

product function innovation.

product function innovation around two aspects, one is to help users better and faster the production of more novel and valuable content, such as beauty, sets; One is new, creative content dissemination way, improve the content of exposure, user’s interest, for example: secret, zhihu, snapchat.

since the media ecology upgrade.

for intends to do from the media, there are two things the most important, money and exposure. Do the rich they will be positive to do, high quality content can be exposed finally rose powder, they will be more serious content. Baidu hundred at present is to walk the road, but the low force, and various explosive title…

since this kind of social media flow of the game, mix the concept of too many, the attached capital expect too much, but in the final analysis or want, and the quality of entrepreneurs to make a simple to use tools, content to the user.