Siri, founder of the stove will push more intelligent voice assistant Viv

(editor: horse relief yi)

from Wired news, Siri, founder of the original is to build a more “qualified” voice assistant application Viv.

Siri, founded in 2007, bought by apple for $200 million in 2010. Apple since 2011 since the introduction of Siri assistant in the equipment, the application has been most users irony as “robot chatting artifact”. Many users (including cloud network editor jun hunting all think Siri’s stunt effect is greater than its use function. Shortly after the iPhone 4 s release, Siri co-founder and CEO Dag Kittlaus will choose to leave the company, then, another co-founder of Adam Cheyer chose to leave in September 2012.

it is reported that the two partners after leaving apple, co-founded a company called Viv Labs, a start-up, another company co-founder Chris Brigham is Siri early members of the team, they develop a more intelligent voice assistant tools – Viv.

this app is called “can complete all Siri can’t do that, but the user is in urgent need of things”. Viv’s biggest feature is the ability to understand user very complicated instructions. Article a few examples for us, for example, “Lincoln was born, what number is the total population of the United States”, “please help me to order two days later the cheapest round trip ticket from San Francisco to Charles DE gaulle airport”. These problems need to voice assistant must have a stronger voice recognition and analysis ability. And this is what Siri does not have at present. In addition, Viv will also have the function of autonomous learning, the future can help users to complete certain tasks automatically, do the real human interaction.

Viv developers said, although many industry participants voice assistant, but still has great space for development. In the future they will move their applications as much as possible of the operating system platform, rather than only in one place. This could mean they founded Viv is not only for the purpose of sale, there is a larger dream.

it is not clear when a Viv will be available.