Sister? C $30 million round of financing, commercial aim at three directions

women’s health management APP sister it announced today that the company has won a $30 million C round of financing. This time led by the policy source vc, sequoia capital and bertelsmann and shot.

born in January 2012, just a great two years until now, but its financing process rather rapidly. In April 2013, bertelsmann and challenging $5 million after A round of investment fund, in September 2013, the company is led by sequoia capital of us $10 million B round of funding. Combined with the latest $30 million, a great three rounds of financing for a total of $45 million. In addition, a sister had won the number of Mr. CAI millions of investment.

founder and CEO, wood can be said in this round of funding, a great valued at 1 billion yuan. According to the time of $30 million (200 million yuan) the financing amount, the time dilute close to 20%.

after financing. It will be mainly used in three aspects: one is the perfect product construction, is not only the software side, the company also plans to introduce women’s health hardware products (not a bracelet class), and based on the project to introduce talents, to speed up product iteration and data mining ability; Second, further perfecting the industrial chain, integration of future potential source of user and value output; Third, market promotion, enhance the brand.

according to the general startup financing process, C wheel is relatively close to the pre-ipo financing for the last time. Therefore, before a great commercial need to do a thing.

actually before this, the company has been in electric business made exploration guides, advertising, etc. Next, a great commercial mainly revolves around three directions:

a is a value-added services for women’s health. The end of the year is expected to be officially launched, can include value-added data on women’s health advisory services, financial services, products, etc.

two is vertical healthy women, the company will launch e-commerce sites on women’s health, women through online mall to sell goods.

three is accurate extension services. Because has 45 million users, has accumulated a large number of user data, using big data mining can be recommended to female users accurate content, including product or advertising.

to make such a decision is based on, sister you have from the original pure female menstrual tools extension to the platform products, formed a variety of women’s community of life, it also provides many possible to its commercialization. For example, a sister will access medical institutions and physicians next website, etc., so as to integrate industry chain for the user to provide more services.

wood can view, in the above three kinds of commercial, value-added services will be the direction of the company the most significance. This may continue in the next version.