“Six people swim” won $10 m B round, China capital investment

the small team swam custom service 6 people travel network has recently completed B round of funding. According to six people swim, founder and CEO jian-qiang, the level of financing amount to tens of millions of dollars, money has been to account. This round of financing capital brought by China.

6 people swim in June 6, 2013, is a leading high quality small team travel service website, in the face of family, friends and so on to provide small team tour service. Now every month there are hundreds of custom group travel, on water more than 3 million yuan. Jian-qiang, said the funding is mainly used in mobile side development, as well as the construction of the professional services team.

China capital dao-ping wang choose led is took a fancy to six people swim team and high quality travel service market.

in fact, the custom is becoming a recent hotspot tourism market, many business startup option in the segment, in addition to the six people swim, universal, leshan le water and sunshine holiday travel network, and Sinbad travel tour, etc. Large OTA are also involved in this market segment, such as a large swan of ctrip’s focus on high-end custom tourism. But custom tourism face the biggest challenge is the human cost is high, difficult to achieve scale.

jian-qiang thinks, “tourism is a professional things, not don’t want to do to make your site users themselves to do it. The user’s needs is the need to worry of professional services.” Six people swim in customized travel service has been combined with custom service process to form the unique business system. The efficiency of processing orders at present has gone far beyond the traditional travel agencies offline service efficiency. It is because the efficiency of ascension, 6 people swam on the human cost of the also declined dramatically.

integration with land resources, the decrease of the intermediate services link should be customized tour operators achieve scale development direction. Jian-qiang said, 6 people travel has begun, and a line to access the cooperation, and international travel agency that focus on small mass customization service to pick up service has formed a strategic cooperation, build the unique service experience.