Skype group comprehensive free video function

can support group function of video software is more and more, in addition to the relatively high popularity of Skype, Hangout, and Fring, Zoom and other rookie. Carefully, it seems, besides the Skype application all have one thing in common, that is free of charge.

be less populist Skype group video function has been previously paid services, priced at $8.99 a month, some free call service. The one-day Skype premium service and the group chat will need to $4.99. Skype group chat services maximum 10 people involved in the same time, the platform temporarily limited to Windows PC and Mac.

now proud of jiao to keep charging strategy Skype group video function is finally declared fully free – Microsoft finally would like to open an estimated, to hold his own place.

since Monday, Windows, Mac, Xbox to One user will be able to freely use group chat function. Skype executives Phillip Snalune said, future free Skype group chat function of the platform will continue to increase, Skype to users to create a better group chat services for multiple platforms.

the Microsoft change strategy, is clearly in order to maintain or even increase the competitiveness of the Skype, and continue to own “the platform” concept, let more platform users a better experience.