Small donkey: to provide the most cost-effective solution for outbound travel

holiday travel, you can choose domestic or abroad. Based on the economic into consideration, the domestic relative bargain, but you have to be blocked, people were crowded in the heart of preparation, the reason, I think you understand. Since domestic uncomfortable, so why not choose to one outbound travel. If you don’t want to, happen to is outbound tourism amateurs. Where are you going to still not ready yet, and entangled with the ticket is too expensive, so you can try small donkey this product.

the donkey flagship is outbound travel cheap flights combination is recommended. Characteristic is that, through technical means to present users the most valuable combination of outbound travel route. And provide the corresponding route strategy to help users decision, decrease the cost of outbound travel user route planning.

specific for the user can define a starting point, the small donkey can algorithm through the background screening peripheral international flights information back and forth, the combination of precise recommend the highest ratio of tourist routes, on the main ticket, give is the lowest price and tax.

this behind quality algorithm is the core competitiveness of the little donkey three founders from ctrip, founder He Lining is original ctrip r&d center director, was the director of the ctrip international air ticket booking platforms. Co-founder Xu Zifei is original ticket rate of ctrip senior experts, another co-founder sdsensor is original ctrip senior human resources manager, ticket sales manager. Gene has a strong technical team.

international special price ticket, ctrip, where to do. The donkey and what’s the difference between them.

co-founder sdsensor tell hunting cloud network, because the donkey is also help users to find cheap ticket application, so many people like to put the little donkey and go together. But in fact the two are fundamentally different products, the latter ticket data is based on the small PiaoTai information, and micro donkey is based on meta-search technology cost-effective line joining together, this is a “pure skill”, is a essential difference between the two products.

specifically: ctrip, where to go, and so on is clear about the origin, destination, departure time, return the OTA reservation process of time, and micro donkey is built on the premise of fuzzy search, users to help free the user complete optimal lines joining together as well as the optimal flight reservation. The value of a small donkey mainly reflected on the price and route.

in December 2013, the little donkey. 5 million gobi angel investment, the team said that the future will strengthen product development efforts, create a new travel search engine. The next stage, the donkey will further play its technical and business advantages, expand the other overseas transportation, except airfare such as bus, train, etc. Recommend combination mode of transport to the user, for individual users from the outside to more choice and convenience.

industry status
China’s online travel market in 2011, around the tour, outbound tourism and domestic travel is 21.3%, 21.3% and 35.6%, and in 2013, accounted for 31.9%, 40.6% and 27.5%. The two groups of data shows us that Tours as a new type of tourism will become the main way to travel in the future. And carried out in accordance with the destination, the surrounding tourism and outbound tourism accounted for a growing, will become the tourists preferred. In this context, China’s online travel market, exit would be a big trend, with larger development space and development potential.

Based information

Company: only travel network technology (Shanghai) co., LTD.
Products: small donkey
Time: in October 2012,
Location: Shanghai, huangpu
Stages: initial
Areas: mobile travel, flight ticket
Introduction: micro donkey is a specially designed for free line outside the line search service users to provide international air ticket more sections mobile App, through technical means to the user presents the most valuable combination of outbound travel routes, and by providing the corresponding line strategy to help users improve the decision making process, reduce the decision time and travel cost.

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