Smart desktop host oneBoard, can easily play the android applications on the PC

page used to swim, swim players in tiny mobile phone screen, is commonly used to complain, did not have the original operation habit, along with the small screen. Well, a new intelligent device appeared.

today, Beijing wisdom cool oneBoard computer co., LTD., released the innovation of science and technology products, and it is also the world’s first can combination PC desktop host PC android intelligence, sells for 199 yuan.

oneBoard smart desktop host, just like an ordinary keyboard, can be connected to the PC host, normal use Windows system. And through the patent design of switching function keys, and can at any time to switch to the android smartphone operating system, through the keyboard mouse operation and large screen display, normal use millions of android applications and games APP.

on configuration, the oneBoard Android4.4 operating system was adopted and the mainstream quad-core processors, and combinations of 2 gbram and 16 gbrom collocation, and support external hard drive. Adopted the German CherryMX black keyboard, high-end product is suitable for game enthusiasts demand, and the multicolor LED backlight is to make products look very cool. Modular design to take care of the player’s upgrade, for example, may at any time in the latest performance is the most powerful processor, ensure the operation of the product smooth feeling.

said that everyone could understand, oneBoard internal installation based on the intelligence of the android operating system, through the connected to the computer, you can download, install, and use it on a computer screen APP, usage scenario can also be covered office, family, education, entertainment and other fields.

this way of design innovation from many aspects in the form of the traditional desktop applications. It first in the function of the keyboard form into the existing PC system, ensure the normal operation of the original operating system and application software. Through humanized keyboard switch key, Windows in computer system with built-in independently run android, lets users like switch software window, use their familiar with PC software and android APP. Through this way, from the usage scenarios, android intelligent system and its millions of APP to the desktop, satisfy the people of old and new application requirements and habits.

Beijing think-tank, cool computer co., LTD. Was established in April this year, co-founded by Yao Zhen, QiWei and Lucy li, interestingly, founder of most has the game experience, therefore in the process of the game change demand for players to have accurately. At the same time, by the hardware geek spirit a geek in their spare time because of individual hobby and ultimate pursuit for the use of convenience, eventually creating the oneBoard the one-stop dual system and practical solution.

due to adopt efficient android intelligent system, the oneBoard also has cost performance advantages, as well as the average person is not easy to feel the use of cost advantage. Its extremely low power consumption, making the 30 m smart desktop host the power consumption of only the equivalent of 1 PC level, traditional schools in remote areas will be significant to solve audivisual classrooms in the computer teaching is only restricted to electricity and affordable, with no trouble. Host configuration and as low as 199 yuan, not only can fully meet the requirements of performance and mature system application content, can also for underdeveloped areas all have the dream of a computer to provide real commercial solutions.

Yao Zhen oneBoard inventors that oneBoard transformation will have sufficient to undertake large user demand, as well as the integration of acceptance from the content channels, industry application to the power of the brand market industry chain resources, promote the industry upgrading.