Smart glasses not only intelligent, but also can help reduced vision to see the world

on June 18, news, speaking of “smart glasses”, many people pay more attention to it “smart” on the one hand, but not its itself is a “glasses”. Researchers at the university of Oxford has a different perspective, they developed a smart glasses, designed to help visually impaired people to see the world, rather than strengthen the function of the glasses.

clinical professor of neuroscience at Oxford University Dr Stephen Hicks Hicks, (Stephen) launched the project, developed such a wearable device, can let there is visually impaired people can more clearly see the surrounding environment. Although it’s not like Google glasses to attract attention, but can change people’s life. The device is currently in test phase.

Dr Hicks prototype has showed great potential. Testers have vision disorders in objects near photographic contrast intense environment, “the purpose of the smart glasses is for the people of poor eyesight provides a helper, help them to understand the world around”, hicks said. This kind of glasses does not treat vision problems, but the tester said it helps increase the background to the surrounding environment, maximize the function of existing vision.

at the university of Oxford, the smart glasses now also quite bloated, Dr Hicks said ultimately the device “will look like ordinary glasses”. The final product may also increase the sound feedback, facial and text recognition, but at the university of Oxford, need to get more funding. The research goal is to make it smaller volume, lower price. According to researchers at the university of Oxford, the idea of the glasses cost no more than an ordinary smart phone.

source: tencent technology