Smart hardware business investigation: to go to Beijing or go to shenzhen?

10 PM on May 10, Qian Chongjun with colleagues to complete, check the information sent to the media, to ensure foolproof tomorrow conference, and his hands PPT has made since two months ago. Qian Chongjun is mobile application ink weather pr manager, he first for the company to satisty the need of the intelligent hardware product release.

conference took place in Beijing 798 art zone, here is considered to be full of artistic breath, is also a favorite choice of numerous manufacturers conference site. Smart hardware reflected interest here is the released its first product, and is no longer a fever of millet first conference was held here.

conference site was carefully designed, from the entrance to the venue, the road was designed into the time tunnel, the company’s development was printed on both sides of the wall. Now open the meeting, will be full of the guests and media the next day.

Qian Chongjun don’t remember already looked at his boss came to practice speaking there are several times, but he is always worrying whether or not used the video conference ready, because his colleagues told him that this important video also working at night.

at the same time, in shenzhen, research and development of intelligent deserve to act the role of the new CEO Mr Good I was on the day of the training. He is in a quality and delivery management of actual combat training camp, because the focus has shifted from production to market and channel, he hope that through this course can make up for his lack of knowledge.

Mr Good company has been operating for nearly two years, during the experienced some bumps, as CEO, he wants to do a complete checking to the development of before, and want to start learning how to run a company, because his team before only four staff plus four part-time.

although his products now have begun to small shipment, but Mr Good still in fear. Before a few days ago, he would show popular in domestic intelligent bracelet products packaging, friend to bring these products to the us and guest activities, hoping to verify its products can be sold to overseas.

one of them in Beijing, one in shenzhen, on behalf of the China’s two most representative intelligent hardware industry colony.

Beijing: development is difficult to get rid of shenzhen

Intelligent hardware

when it comes to Beijing and shenzhen, the main differences between entrepreneurs a Qian Cheng of Internet giant department manager tell tencent technology (a pseudonym) : “a group of understand don’t understand the hardware and software understand hardware not understand software.”

in his view, the intelligent software and hardware business like: shenzhen entrepreneurs basically will not tell a story, but a partial technology, does not rely on financing, itself can hematopoietic, with foreign trade business relations, agents and docking; Beijing entrepreneurs prefer to design on the whole the financing structure, in order to get the money as early as possible, a lot of experience in the project itself is not hardware, survival depends on financing.

however, a growing number of Beijing intelligent hardware entrepreneurs, choose set up their own hardware team or branch in shenzhen, in order to better control the hardware production process, strengthen the hardware research and development ability. The small honey kiss just intelligent skin test hardware r&d team moved to shenzhen, what do they do with xiao-liang li mai open the neighbors.

tell tencent technology ttpod audio division director liu hui, “shenzhen branch five kilometers to draw a circle around, can put the design, prototyping, modeling, proofing, production and packaging the whole industry chain through”. They expect from a music player market to hardware development, and in Beijing, want to accomplish such industrial chain integration is almost impossible. More attract liu hui, shenzhen’s engineers have deep technical accumulation, they very representation for the understanding of the product, is advantageous to the planning and production cycle of the product and upstream and downstream coordination.

Qian Cheng said, this is because the vast majority of components factory is located in shenzhen, and other parts of the plant maturity than shenzhen. Although there are a few production lines, foxconn in Beijing but its capacity is not as shenzhen.

shenzhen advantage: resources

efficient manufacturing ability and rich industrial environment resources together, after successfully appealed to those who drive foreign entrepreneurial teams for product design. In the 24-hour cycle of factory production workshop, they provide the solution into the final product.

this is Mr Good, at the instigation of open source hardware service provider SeedStudio founder Pan Hao, the team moved to shenzhen from Shanghai. Mr Good, according to the decision to move firewood and the guest room is took a fancy to shenzhen. This is Pan Hao the Seeed Studio, after another to help the guest early development projects. However, this model can only maintain a small batch production, once the product quantity, still require the participation of the factory. Last November, after Mr Good began to contact the factory, because “they help big brands have done contract”.

another troubled Mr Good is a secondary development. Because the product has been used in the Atmel development of raw materials, and products of the company just for guest service development, and can not be used in actual production, so for a long time Mr Good hope to be able to find an electronic engineer, help them to complete the conversion.

this idea, in shenzhen. Mr Good invitation to an engineer, product successfully completed the shift to commercial production, before that Mr Good team are design background. Shenzhen regional advantages and resources to bring a guest, Mr Good, in its early stage almost unimaginable.

Mr Good himself on a guest activity platform for the product, with 300 yuan price sales engineering prototype. One day, he sold dozens of products. Next, he hopes to find A less procrastination in shenzhen investors, to finish A round in the middle of the year.

wheat open CEO xiao-liang li shenzhen industrial resources is one of the beneficiaries. Baidu plump hand ring for two s after operation, because hardware market bullish on intelligence, xiao-liang li has decisively in early 2012 with the 500000 from chengdu, shenzhen, set up the open net.

in the initial search for foundries, he and his partner in shenzhen around to map the position of every factory, each visit investigation, eventually to its first movement trackers chose the related experience of a certain contract in shenzhen. This experience makes it through the initial cash flow nearly broken danger.

recently, Michael time for its new product on the raised platform named intelligent glass Cuptime raised, in 1.35 million the highest record. This product will be in contract production has become its partners.

however, the traditional manufacturing mode is able to adapt to the development of the intelligent hardware, it is still a problem in shenzhen industrial problems. Apple iPhone to mobilize the ability of the industrial chain in the whole world, make intelligent hardware industry have more thinking. Smartphone changed people for mobile phone call function of the inherent understanding, let the screen size, CPU performance, camera pixels, even is the baseband chip support band attention by people, obviously, the existing intelligent hardware equipment does not meet the concept of “smart”.

from the Angle of investors, they still want to focus on consumer products, such as intelligent bracelet watches and intelligence. Shenzhen to boring technology President Dong Yingjun said, because these concepts are more conducive to spread, the product has a specific form easy to understand, and accepted by people.

however, a relevant person in charge of commercial enterprises by a guest Dong Yi (a pseudonym) tells tencent technology, intelligent hardware business enterprise because of its more comes from a guest, so the ship can really is not much, most of its still stay on the concept of prototype. Such judgments, directed at the domestic intelligent hardware jump ticket record of soil, watch.

smart hardware difficult story

however, despite the shenzhen manufacturing industry of the myth, but today’s shenzhen intelligent hardware entrepreneurs to very few people can be a perfect entrepreneurial story, because as listening manufacturer in shenzhen, they will not be on the pretext of “smart” products are a little surprised. “Ten years ago already have such a product.” In the shenzhen science and technology park of a teahouse, whole day dealing with shenzhen manufacturing n.syed tell tencent technology. His daily work is to the industrial chain each link, to know the latest technology and products and feedback to company, in order to sell more raw materials.

n.syed to tencent technology memories, a decade ago, MP3 is popular, there are a lot of manufacturers into the market. In shenzhen has a company called the new international industrial, their technical staff will players made the appearance of the sun glasses, sold to overseas markets. Results in European and American markets sold more than 10, ten thousand. “It can be regarded as one of the earliest wearable intelligent hardware,” said n.syed, “when they want to make MP4 a head-mounted, just because the technology is immature, not make it.”

in the four years ago, a French customers to shenzhen hao sharp custom headphones when science and technology, puts forward to the appearance of headphones to make the style of the bracelet. N.syed said: “it didn’t pay attention at the time, but after wearable device concept rise last year, their products also will be focus on”.

today, apple, Google and samsung and other international mainstream manufacturers began to focus on intelligent hardware, and put forward its own product planning path. As to trends, have hardware “Hollywood” shenzhen manufacturing industry with the momentum. Watches, bracelet this sort of wearable devices is just a part of intelligent hardware, shenzhen factory can produce far more than these. Small to ring, big to the aircraft, and even smart cars also have samples available for display and use, and they are marked by “made in shenzhen”.

smart hardware innovation comes from a bunch of people have a strong passion for hardware DIY, they referred to as “gen”. They rely on free, open source software and hardware products make their heart thought. Some of them found the real life of the mass demand into products, and for business, formed a business model. Pan Hao while out on the spot, should not confuse the guest and intelligent hardware, but he also can only tacit, and lamented the commercial “is not a good thing”.

industry has also sweep

smart hardware business it is not a new thing. Shenzhen to boring technology President Dong Yingjun tells tencent technology, intelligent hardware entrepreneurs in shenzhen has gone through three rounds of the ebb tide, every tide subsided there are a lot of companies go bust, a new wave came, and the birth of many new projects.

the time to push forward, the first born in the ten years ago, the product features can be summarized as “new”, “qi”, “special”. The hyped by the smart watches, smart bulb and so on all can be traced to find the corresponding products. Just at the time of marketing co., LTD., and product form, unlike now, but the product producers have mostly local electronics factory in shenzhen, after they design their production. This made for future large-scale shenzhen laid a foundation.

the second wave was born in the early stage of the mobile Internet, the whole intelligent hardware from technology, product form to profit model has a qualitative change. Smart bulb, for example, the controller of the mainstream in the tide of a remote control, and during this period has already begun to controlled via an APP on your phone. However, because of the concept first, did not keep up with the capital and market.

unlike software business, intelligent hardware entrepreneurs often need to assist in the whole industry chain, the supply chain concept, regardless of the product only look for the money collect on delivery. So for small entrepreneurs, the cost of production is an insurmountable mountain. Dong Yingjun concludes, “(they) period, not through, and then die.”

at present, shenzhen industry is experiencing a third wave, the product is gradually mature, and even watches, bracelet, this kind of product can have more options for manufacturers. The third wave of tves is a group of entrepreneurs from see market opportunities, and some of the increasingly fierce competition in the smartphone market, prices of the survival crisis shanzhai manufacturers in shenzhen.

as a result, it is necessary to new market excess capacity.

production patterns did not change the

smart hardware limited the development of innovation, the key issue is that the most intelligent hardware products still continue the pattern of traditional hardware manufacturing development in shenzhen. In particular, after the product design, enterprise will usually find corresponding solutions provide hardware solutions, and through the supply chain with the production, the assembly process of products, finally into the channels to market. This is from an MP3 player, shanzhai phones to set-top boxes, shenzhen manufacturing industry has been used by the production mode, its rely on is the integrity of the shenzhen local ecological industrial chain.

this “solutions business + contract” is that the benefits of shenzhen model can shorten shipments from design development to product time to market, reduce development costs. This for those who are lack of funds, smaller startups, or in the smart hardware quickly grab market share, fry the white card vendors of hot money is the best choice. Product this homogeneityphenomenon serious drawbacks, however, is also very prominent.

shenzhen huaqiang technology development co., LTD., deputy general manager of xiao-peng li said, “for them, brand marketing is very weak, but have an existing sales channels. So the shanzhai fire in shenzhen for so many years, also did not form a strong brand.” Xiao-peng li’s team is to build a marketing platform, expecting to help the former to build brands.

working became choose this “solutions business + contract production mode” the best reason. Some ODM (original design manufacturer, namely solutions business) enterprise business representative told tencent technology, shenzhen industry based on speed of famous, special custom would need a long time, so most manufacturers would choose a ready-made solution directly. These vendors will often go into overseas markets, sales and domestic shipments less than one over ten. Some Internet companies entering the hardware market, also can choose this way, but they tend to domestic sales.

however, we do see a trend: more and more for entrepreneurs start pouring into intelligent hardware business, Beijing and shenzhen are also become the two centers of Chinese intelligent hardware business, Beijing can better contact with capital levels, can strengthen the control of the whole industry chain in shenzhen. But the future who will become the center of the only two cities? And how many intelligent hardware entrepreneurs can survive? These will take time to test.