Smart home: herd gathered “such as the wind to”

/xiao-bo gu wen

“intelligent household wind hasn’t come yet.” In 2014 intelligent hardware developers conference last week, millet, vice President of kk wong said that the audience is to shenzhen for intelligent hardware entrepreneurs.

outside the exhibition, some Taiwanese technology provider peace is showing off his new technology in smart home and a new concept, asked to show the most popular problem, is “you this product is stem what of?” A few miles away in huaqiang north, the reporter for an hour to find a small shops for the sale of intelligent hardware.

internal heat, cold outside, most people don’t understand, has become the three major characteristics of smart home.

“my bracelet I sleep, get up, I want to sleep then why not detected when turn off the TV, acoustics, all the lights, curtains, detect when I got up open again?” Kk wong ideas and many vendors in the eyes of intelligent household concept is consistent, in their eyes, even now there are no a real sense of smart home products.

smart home 1.0: where is the Internet of things?

on May 11, ink weather release air monitoring and intelligent products “air”, although the ink weather CEO Jin Li with jobs, Google and even MAO zedong’s idea to wrap the advanced product, but after a few comments as you can see, this product has not been widely regarded in the industry. An audience, according to the air is very bad, it besides tell me home outside worse than nothing, and I will pay more than 900 dollars.

on the roll call time, from intelligent lights, intelligent switches, intelligent sound to intelligent toothbrush from soup to nuts, and the concept of intelligence is nothing but by sensors and communication module connected to WIFI, and through the cloud server to connect to the mobile phone, even directly through the WIFI phone, with smartphone control.

equipment between independent each other, form the information isolated island, and then connected to the Internet through a router, control by mobile phones, now has become the most typical features of smart home products.

this brought three problems:

1, the level of intelligence is intelligent control, control equipment from the button, the remote control into a mobile phone, gestures or voice, from close control to remote control;

2. Every vendor wants to occupy the user’s mobile phone, if you don’t have a strong enough platform to solve this problem, the end result is the user control appliances in the cell phone APP can take screen.

3, users need to pay for the level of intelligent high economic costs, has not produced the corresponding benefits.

in the roll call time 10 * 10 conference call time CEO Zhang You summed up the three major characteristics of the Internet of things:

1, the induction detection + automatic service, intelligent hardware “to switch”;

2, intelligent linkage;

3, real-time networking, operate independently.

Zhang You intelligent hardware, including intelligent household products can be divided into input devices and output devices, and the input device is responsible for data collection, characteristic is invisible as possible, don’t need to change the battery for a long time, and cheap, and is responsible for executing the command output device will overturn the traditional sales business model. Provide a complete intelligent household service need to have a combination of the two end + mobile and cloud.

three, electronic intelligence vice general manager peng’s point of view, the family to agree, he said intelligence is the real meaning of don’t need the participation of people, such as air detector detects indoor PM2.5 is very high, outdoor is very low, the data uploaded to the cloud came to the conclusion after comprehensive calculation is not open air purifier but open the window, if detected windy rain outside at the same time, determine that still need to open air purifier, which is based on the equipment of the linkage between the intelligence.

in fact Google heavily bought by a Nest is to a certain extent, achieved the intelligent concept, Nest Labs launched intelligent temperature controller can record the user’s habits, form data, analyze the data in the clouds, and control the temperature of the thermostat automatically adjust to the user the most comfortable, without the need for manual control by mobile phone APP.

who is going to solve the problem of platform?

“connectivity which is so easy as you say?” Haier smart appliances, head of a Hao Lei (a pseudonym) said.

haier are trying to solve this problem by U – Home system, through the U – Home, haier brand appliances can realize interconnection, but the premise is that all users must use appliances is haier’s, this is a closed system.

a former beauty, intelligent home appliances sales manager said the midea and haier on the intelligent home appliance price war, as the traditional home appliance enterprise, they do the purpose of smart home or sell their products, with the concept of intelligent boost sales, and then let the each other between the product through a closed system, but in the end the two found that first, afford such a consumer product prices more will choose mitsubishi Japanese brands such as, the second, no user can only choose a brand of home appliance.

Hao Lei said, even if a vendor understand need connectivity, to do open platform, as competitors other vendors that will pay, also at the core of cloud computing and big data capacity is not a traditional manufacturer of expertise, is like a man with hands and feet five zang-organs without the brain, that is just a lump of flesh, only have the brain to become a person, a manufacturer will know that the other may not know, all understand, may not have the ability to do this, even with the ability to do this, under the control of the distribution pattern of traditional, also not necessarily can accept such a play.

then appeared three, vane, Wan Xing, Mr. Bo, a large number of third-party platform, hope to cooperate with home appliance manufacturers as a third party, let its built-in chip and use their own cloud services, so as to realize the connectivity of smart home products.

vane to fully open platform for the third party identity break the barriers between smart appliances, creating a smart hardware ecological, even watches, bracelets and other intelligent hardware integration to come in, and all the household appliances, household products to form an organic whole, finally realizes the ideal of smart home close to artificial intelligence.

in the north to guangzhou, so manufacturers are not uncommon, but problems still exist, first, they need to persuade home appliance manufacturers to give up their own platform to use third-party platform; Second, intelligent with costs and prices rise, but not to stimulate sales rise, cloud platform, intelligent has lost its meaning; Third, how is their cloud technology and data processing ability, millet, and even Google and baidu compete?

vane business development of science and technology ministry, said, now the biggest problem is sales, intelligent household to make consumers feel valuable to oneself, often should use, then we will bring big data, and then cloud computing makes sense.

Internet companies to join may make the chain to be more perfect, peng think eventually break through the bottleneck is Google, which is responsible for the cloud data processing, analysis and logic, which is the part of “smart”, electrical appliances product is responsible for data collection, the third party platform to solve connectivity. Haier wisdom family Xiong Gengchao Beijing innovation company general manager said that the traditional enterprises and the Internet can have very good cooperation, you do what you are good at, very open to do a platform, rather than each do each platform.

smart home entrance?

when millet, 360 with a router, the industry was once thought that the router will be the entrance to the smart home.

this judgment is the premise of established for all the electrical appliances product through WIFI connection. In the hardware show, this connection has not been the recognition of the many vendors. GreenPALN attempts through power line carrier communication technology to realize the interconnection of home appliance, three and vane is integrated the WIFI, bluetooth and ZigBee communication standards.

ZigBee is a kind of short distance, low power consumption at close range wireless communication technology, intelligent hardware through the built-in module connected to a transit in the form of ZigBee devices, cloud server via WIFI connection transfer equipment and mobile phone, to realize intelligent control.

due to the power consumption, safety, signal strength, the problem such as coverage, WIFI did not become the only choice, ZigBee, bluetooth, power lines, etc. There is still a certain market. Peng said, the future of smart home is not a product to control all, but a distributed network, the bandwidth, power consumption requirements of different products use different way of connection, so it is difficult to dominance.

but Zhang You hold different views about this, he should think intelligent hardware real-time networking, input and output devices, and mobile phone connected to the cloud, respectively, through the three cloud service implementation, interconnection, and close such as bluetooth transmission mode will be abandoned.

“the status quo is not a group of pigs is waiting for the typhoon, but a group of pigs together blow blow out trying to a typhoon.” An audience described the current situation of smart home, but from the Internet giant to startup, smart home is valued this a big direction, now needs to get through the “linkage” link, and perhaps in this link contains a new platform.