Smart home unbeaten mom

cloud network hunting note: I tried to introduce to mom a mouth is testing the intelligent robot sweeps the floor, not your home where is damaged, the dirty can focus on cleaning, garbage will not throw is all over the floor, don’t have electricity to recharge themselves, noise is small, not to noisy neighbors and so on, after patiently listened to my introduction, mom finally force for the novelty, but when I say several thousand yuan, old mama silently turned and went to the kitchen, leaving me in a word, it is not as good as my own.

the author: Li Shen

believe that this is a lot of smart home products will face a block, it is not only the problem of the price, the product itself smarter limited seems to have more direct impact.

smart appliances not escape these two common fault

to lenovo and Germany LUFTMED company recently launched smart air purifier, for example, the product configuration LCD display, and support and a mobile phone or tablet interconnection. I asked the staff of this intelligent cleaner? Staff told me that it can pass the phone remote boot, air quality is great when you go home, can also according to the air quality automatic shift, how long can even tell your mesh can also be used, because of equipped with big screens, of course, can be directly on the screen with figures show how air quality in the home.

in fact, regulating fan speed automatically according to the air quality is a function of many air purifier possess, and when we were in the use of air purifier, should consider is 24 hours rather than remote boot, boot air purifier is not air conditioning, 24 hours boot purification more necessary at any time, if you worry about the problem of power consumption, that means your product should be in gear automatic adjustment and control continue to optimize the power consumption, and when you know the air quality is in the home, is to buy a filter or run away from home again?

after samsung also launched a very high-end smart washing machine, also equipped with a touch screen, support and mobile Internet. This washing machine has only two physical buttons, the rest all operations should be conducted on the 5 inch display, including the selection of more than 20 kinds of washing mode. And mobile phone connection, and washing machine function is almost the replication of the display screen, remote can realize function of laundry. But the problem is that if someone put clothes in the washing machine in the home, why can’t we just press the start button? Samsung had an explanation says, the old man may not use such complicated products, put the clothes after only need to call the children, can remote start laundry, I % & amp; * (# & amp; (* RMB & amp; %.

today’s intelligent household products could not escape from the two logic, one is the original is a necessary function, just slightly rich than some products on the market function, just as smart, 2 it is not necessary function originally, but in order to have more selling point, as add some functionality and strong and intelligent.

smart home became a kite signs

nowadays intelligent household products full of beautiful things in eyes, big to refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, small to the remote, the light bulb, door lock, all the smart label, no exaggeration to say that you can use to each product in the home, almost all corresponding intelligent solutions can be found, search “intelligent household package” on a treasure moment there will be countless overall solution, thousands of yuan can get cheaper, but I want to ask is, is that you want to smart home?

this is actually intelligent household which may be embarrassing situation at present, there is no practical application scenario, the so-called intelligent products also are mostly exist independently, although each vendor talking about smart home, but more is the smart home as a sign to attract users rather than the practical feasible and easy to use solution service for consumers.

when it comes to smart home is widely impression is expensive, in fact you just surface. Such as I am a treasure to find a more “cheap” smart home package, scrutinize package contains project is smart locks, smart Windows and doors, smart cameras, wireless, wireless switch socket, etc., but the price of a total of nearly twenty thousand yuan, the last known as huimin package price discount to more than five thousand yuan, studied the offer, the wireless switch to reach one thousand yuan for a single bond, smart home to become an excuse for the merchants to cheat money, but the package will not bring your life more intelligent.

invisible smart is smart

hisense group vice President Stephen previously said when talking about intelligent household failures, smart home should not strengthen control of mobile phone, well done home smart home renovation, suddenly found themselves do not know how to start, a lamp to use mobile phones, a curtain to mobile phones, also once lost my mobile phone can’t do anything.

green spoken is at present a lot of problems existing in the so-called intelligent household products, for many manufacturers, intelligent electrical appliances product the easiest solution is to use their phones to control, and actually use their phones to control is also the lowest intelligent solution, some products in use their phones to control or even give up the possibility of a manual control, once lost phone product becomes useless.

the real intelligence should be to see or feel, but everywhere, such as people go to the light lamp is much more intelligent than mobile control light switch, when you are in the room air conditioning set 26 degrees Celsius and your mother in the room air conditioning automatically to 28 degrees Celsius is much more intelligent than the mobile phone to adjust temperature, put clothes in the washing machine can press start button to automatically identify the clothing material and select the most suitable washing mode is much more intelligent than mobile phone remote washing.

to identification of users, of course, need to have identity ID, for the ordinary families, at this stage through the camera sample face recognition may not be realistic, but through the sensor automatic perception to identify the operator is feasible, as to the identity ID is the mobile phone, watches, bracelets or a chip implanted in our bodies or the other, it remains to be proved.


maybe someone will say, intelligent household the high-tech stuff is for young people, in my opinion, science and technology is to bring people convenient, not just young people bring convenient, can beat mother’s smart home smart home is qualified. Let the intelligence from the deformation of intangible, from the passive become active is the intelligent household products need a bit of evolution read jokes about pizza and big data? This may be smart home to the next stage to solve the problem.