Smart “jianghu” render, ten hand swim assault: shi yuzhu on hands and stuff!

the giant network recently frequent: privatization finally achieve, shi yuzhu “strings” take a back seat, the whole company into the second startup and so on. Across online games, the “lean” in the field of health care products, banking and finance, faced with the prospect of crisis, is a brave and steady leadership team, you started toward the next ten years.

no one would question shi yuzhu of giant network remain the absolute control. The low-key, resolute and strong control of leaders, it doesn’t want to be another step on the foot “giants”. In the face of the tourism market crowded, mobile game market potential, shi yuzhu has for the company has established a can “thrift school”, and “simmer” road map.

this route is what kind of? And for you to listen to cloud network editor hunting king.

swim with innovation to consolidate end, thrift school, for the mobile game trial-and-error groundwork

a few days ago, the giant network officially released the intelligent network game “quack”. The so-called collection neural induction, user data analysis for the integration of product, is the giant boasts of the greatest makes players feel “understanding”, “cool” game. Intelligent? The big data? These are the most popular concept. But these concepts together, and let a person feel puzzled.

the giant network intelligent netizen “quack” to release the scene

the so-called intelligent online games, can be broadly divided into two parts.

first of all, the prophase of tens of thousands of gamers for cranial nerve real-time monitoring, collecting their mood changes in the process of playing “quack”. According to the theory of “emotional game”, and adjust the plot of the game design, game. The so-called emotional game, namely refers to keep players on the participation of the game. Through the organic combination of positive and negative emotions, let users to stay in the game for a long time.

second, namely intelligent online game is the most core, the most visible part. “jianghu” will collect all the operation of the player’s conscious and subconscious behavior data. After forming the user database, to use its own development analysis system to analyze it, and eventually provide differentiation, personalized recommendation for different users. we give a simple example: when a male users want to communicate with a heterosexual users but did not succeed, “quack” immediately for the male users recommend those active members of the opposite sex, in order to meet social requirements between users.

although “quack” to the god of wealth, please do the plot design, please do the guidance to the zhang yimou imperial arts scene design, but the basic storyline of “revenge and love for the”, 2 d picture of the game, if you don’t have the characteristics of intelligent analysis, basically is normal work. But because of the integration of users intelligent analysis characteristics, thus the intentional innovation in the form. Historical experience tells us that the Titanic but in soup, can be the way to success.

there is no doubt that online game is still support a mainstay of the giant. In the increasingly competitive in the red sea, differentiation appears especially important . innovation compared to the content, the form of innovation seems to come more easily and directly. “Quack” intelligent recommendation is sticking it. Shi yuzhu thinking is clear, online business is not lost, and to innovate, to maintain profitability. Only in this way, try to guarantee company for other.

$30 million to build a giant network of gold set with diamonds and natural tourmaline with proportion amplifier game props.

create new mobile game battlefield, stirring, to prepare for the giant pan entertainment ecological system

now, second venture of giant network can be summarized as two line simultaneously. Is a line in the mobile gaming – lose on the starting line, but can’t lose on the finish. Second line is build on the basis of the network game entertainment ecological system.

the future of mobile games have no doubt. The giant network the breath issued 10 mobile game, respectively in multiple game type. The giant’s second startup to a large extent is the new product line in the mobile game. Compared with the cautious attitude, shi yuzhu this field and not is not determined. To Xu Bo, set up mobile games company, enough to reveal a giant in the field of mobile power determination. Giant official admitted that slightly behind in the field of mobile games, but made it clear that they have enough talents, funds allowed in the mobile games new continuous trial and error.

it is important to note that shi yuzhu ambitions beyond that. He has put eyes on more long-term development prospects of the establishment of a game entertainment ecosystem.

the giant network released by the Chinese good dance games, combined with TV dance show the same name, from traditional media content, and the benign interaction between their mobile game. In addition, games, and the combination of TV programs, also can produce a wide range of economic circle.

in addition, the giant network with the support of tianjin municipal committee, and tianjin hai tai, Beijing phoenix property developers, such as joint in guzhen town, the north of tianjin pond, building covers an area of 500000 square meters, investment more than 2 billion yuan of “game” of ancient town. “Quack” game to part of the view from here, the giant expressed interest in the offline game tourism and online games get through, form a diversified revenue model pan entertainment game ecosystem. Does this mean that the giant shi yuzhu want to turned into a “Chinese version of Disney”?

reform is imperative. Despite the crisis, the road ahead is unknown, but led by shi yuzhu giant network seems to have found the forward direction. I hope this is not a once the giant building, but another “brain platinum”.

caishen ning as “quack” game plot architects. Giant President JiXueFeng praised god of wealth, “than I know!”