Smart tattoo can also power! Urgent need for mobile phones, wear devices

out a sweat is the best affirmation to work, but rather than let the fluid running off, why not make it through the intelligent tattoo to your smart phone charge?

, led by Joseph Wang, researchers at the university of California, San Diego, are from the more sweat extract enough current, can lead you on the treadmill for personal electronic devices.

they developed a temporary tattoo sensors to induction lactic acid, it is a byproduct of sweat and physical activity in the blood.

sensor with electronics, extracted from lactic acid to generate an electric current. Doctors can then measure the patient’s lactic acid – the team will also biological cells in the sensors, some storage capacity.

now, each sensor to collect a few milliwatts of power. But a recent study found that a smartphone standby two minutes need 70 milliwatts – this is sweat tattoo temporarily unable to provide.

so a short time, you may not use a tattoo to recharge the iPhone — — even if wu thain usain bolt was covered with tattoos all batteries. But researchers say they are committed to developing more efficient energy storage technology.

at the same time, their American chemical society meeting in this week shows the results of their study.