Smartphones fully occupy the market, penetrating all age groups

the global Internet, smart mobile devices the universalization trend already, and a few days ago, the U.S. market also presented the comprehensive to the development of the mobile terminal.

“smartphone universal”

have to say, this is a landmark change extremely.

the latest statistical report according to Nielsen, throughout history, the age users across the country have started to use smart phones — generally chasing even technology trend of senile group (most began to hand over 55) smartphone. At this point, the user’s age is no longer a smartphone development block.

from the data in the report, currently 70% of U.S. residents own smartphones. And in January this year, the Pew Research center (Pew) Research survey found smartphone penetration is 58%, Nielsen surveys show that ownership of 65% in February. Combining with past data as you can see, the smartphone market popularity in the United States presented the obvious trend.

and early generation function on the machine and upgrading of smartphones, but also played their part. According to Nielsen report you can see, the United States mobile phone buyers 85% opted for smartphones.

“mobile already pioneers”

smartphones that have spread not only let companies made millions, let the user experience a convenient, but also further promote the development of the social network and social interaction to mobile terminal.

Nielsen research said in a report in February, 47% of smartphone users login every day social networking platform. And by eMarketer survey also pointed out that the use of social networks for the first time this year show significant shift to mobile end, more than half of social interaction in the smart phone, and on the tablet has 15 minutes a day on average social related operations. EMarketer said, according to this trend, users spend time on mobile devices will continue rapid growth, much faster than other media.

video viewing is an example. Now watch video on the mobile end 30 minutes on average, than other platforms may not much, but its year-on-year growth has reached 50%, at the same time, PC, TV platform of video viewing time is almost no too big changes.

look at the popularity of all kinds of mobile intelligent devices report, many marketers in the declaration is some funny – such as “mobile first” slogan in such a big trend would have not show the uniqueness, must see that mobile is a fait accompli.