Smell the sound device, Android will push a new basis function!

according to Android will launch a new function called “near” (basis). This feature designed to allow a certain range of Android devices between seamless docking, file transfer, etc. Interestingly, the report says, this function can also be through the records to identify a particular device, and prompt the user for a particular person.

users open basis, equipment will from time to time to start the wi-fi, bluetooth, and the microphone. It allows a range of Android phones for automatic connection. And the user can choose to check whether there is near your friends (equipment). Of course, users can set their own whether can be viewed or view by some friends.

it is important to note that this feature can also through the microphone to a specific device voice recognition. These sound the human ear can’t identify, but it can be accepted by basis. Once by comparing conforms to the previously recorded sound, device will prompt the user of a particular user also appeared.

although we don’t yet know the basis of specific use purpose and present form. But analysts say this imaginary space is very large. In addition to both iBeacon, NFC, etc, can also act in intelligent household and so on the Internet of things. It is not hard to imagine that we can use similar to basis function, let all the smart devices and mobile phones in the home to docking, after unification.

however, this new function is bound to bring about a new round of privacy protection. Especially basis can record the user location and sound equipment, people are worried that privacy.

it is understood that this feature will be held at the end of the month of 2014 released on Google I/O.