Snapchat don’t fire in China? Burn after reading in the acquaintance social rebirth

burn after reading application Snapchat abroad actually fires. Unfortunately, when copied after transplanted into the domestic market prospect is very bleak. In view of this, the analysis and think “Snapchat model is not suitable for the Chinese market”. However, this is not the case. Burn after reading this form innovation is very good, perhaps in a way of thinking, is likely to renew themselves.

is a text-based burn after reading applications. After the user registration, can with the address book contacts telephone or E-mail address, send text messages to others. What’s interesting is that these messages content is “prompt display”. The recipient by sliding cover on the text color piece, word for word reading information. Each message reading times only 1 times. After reading, the message will be automatically deleted. If the recipient wants to capture, Confide will remind the sender information.

due to the user in product experience, the different market culture and the existing data network at his own expense and so on, is given priority to with pictures and short video to share the social mode in our country is experiencing severe soil and water conservation. In the media hype “social” and “social” strangers “innovation”, we found that the IM market users of the largest and strongest cashability still is based on “acquaintance relationship chain” social applications. This phenomenon in China and worldwide, is very obvious.

although Snapchat on the Google Play last year year the most popular one of the top ten applications in (most downloaded), but unfortunately the company since had been established, there has been no clear profit model. Analysts said almost can not see the company has no source of income. By contrast, media reports said the Line and Kaokao Talk have been profitable. Then neither “social”.

so Confide this transplant “burn after reading” to an acquaintance in the social, any application scenario? The answer is yes. Between strangers in social, largely on its freshness and playability. Actually between acquaintances in many cases also need the “after reading erasure, a trace. A lot of important business information, difficult, skeletons, reluctant to each other for a long time to save information, is everywhere in our life. Unlike Snapchat, Confide to send both of us with strong purpose, not for pure pleasure. This means that Confide mode and may allow the user to form habits, rely on, can not be replaced.

must indicate that the current burn money for users is a big trend of Internet companies. The loss doesn’t mean there is no future. “Good, our advantage” is a kind of innovation a shortcut (of course, can not be copied), but only in combination with the local conditions and user habits may succeed.