Snapchat: I’m sorry, “burn after reading” is only a concept!

a shocking news yesterday on the “up” the various important location: science and technology media to “burn after reading” the strange social Snapchat is famous, has publicly confessed to the so-called “trace” communication concept, is not completely “no trace to be found”. In a nutshell, the burn after reading is a surface phenomenon of information, Snapchat actually cheated you.

what’s interesting is that the media reported earlier that mascherano feel Snapchat pattern is very interesting, and invested in the company.

on Tuesday, the federal trade commission (FTC) and Snapchat agree: the latter confessed after part of the organization to its “burn after reading”, “user privacy” of the concept of claim. In addition to say oneself to a certain extent, misled by the user, Snapchat also was ordered to stop “exaggerated propaganda, set up over the next 20 years” comprehensive privacy protection project “, and accept the supervision of the society from all walks of life.

recently, about Snapchat is not really a “burn after reading” society complained that more and more voices. The main place of anger has three points:

first, Snapchat message just disappeared on the surface, people can through some easy way to record the information, such as screenshots, using third party applications, etc.

second, always boast Snapchat ensure users’ privacy, but was found to have been without prompting the user to collect user data such as geographical position.

third, Snapchat protection for the collected user data is very bad, after a security exposure Snapchat said on more than 4.6 million phone number and user name being stolen.

it is understood that the verdict does not relate to a fine. Snapchat still proudly in the blog wrote: “we have always regarded to protect users’ privacy as our duty!”