Social memo Humin, let you no longer face the “couldn’t remember the acquaintances” embarrassed

a designed to replace your iPhone address book application is now in the App Store online., Richard Branson, the founder of “angry birds” game, Peter Vesterbacka is a few months ago a member of the inner activities of the app. Today this app is ready to released all iPhone users.

Humin will contact with your mobile phone, Facebook, and LinkedIn contacts, and bring them to your calendar, E-mail and voicemail together, in order to provide you with complete information of all contacts in the mobile phone.

this app in content similar to the recently launched LinkedIn independent application Connected, they can provide you with the key to each contact information, such as: where is the first time you met, where they are working, and how do you usually contact. Similar to Connected, when you need to meet with contact and a contact information with updates, even when he came to your city, Humin will take the initiative to remind you. Compared with Connected, Humin is deeper into your life. Connected mainly in order to help you maintain a professional contact, and Humin ingeniously combining the personal contact and professional contact. It can provide much useful information, such as when was the last time you go out, what kind of friends and you have a mutual friend, they are now which city, are free and even they can now report to you in time.

Humin co-founder and CEO of financial aid Ankur Jain said: “we can make Humin ranking procedure designed for ordinary friends.” Humin all search results that is associated with the user, according to the user’s time and place in order according to relevant contacts. Suppose you forget someone’s name, you only need to enter in the search bar “seen today,” or “last week met”. Jayne said: “it is designed according to your way of thinking.”

by the way, Jain is the son of Intelius CEO Naveen Jain. Intelius selling public records, namely public contact information. This is probably the inspiration for the Jain, tidy up all your personal information in your phone and then provide to you.

annual Jain created the Kairos Society to help the college entrepreneurs to get in touch with corporate executives and public figures, such as it established links with Bill Clinton. Last autumn, Jain from Google even hired Mark Zuckerberg’s sister Arielle to manage Humin products.

tell me Jain, Humin team intends to clumsy now based at the beginning of the mobile phone address book system for development. This kind of development focusing on the contact itself. Jain, points out that we currently search method of mobile phone contacts are outdated, “it is forgotten that the Internet in the past is like Yahoo, Alta Vista and Lycos in alphabetical order and classification.” However, the new search engine like Google began to arrange the search results in the content. He soon realized that this is not the contact problem, but according to the conditions of the search problem. Jain show: “I want to create a people’s way of thinking to search for contacts software.”.

although mobile phones will force you associated address book, but you have to according to his own will to Facebook and LinkedIn social networks into your private information, showing to your friends. So, privacy is the most concern of the application of the user. Jayne guarantee: “unless you have asked, this app will not send any information to your friends.” However, when friends but need to verify, it will also ask you carefully. If you click ok, then it will be to all contacts in the mobile phone to send an email. Jain then hurriedly statement, as long as you back to verify the model and click the “stop”, you can stop the validation. Humin promise to be all of the contacts information to users and users to encrypt and anonymous.

so, how does it work? Simple when I search my boyfriend’s contact information, it did not give too much. He is a private person is important, not how to release of personal information. Then I input “bar man”, without any results. And search “OKCupid” appeared two people. Among them, the “Dylan” from the OKCupid also did not show a lot of information. Do we really seen? I don’t remember this person. Another search results is my good friend, so shows a lot of information. Humin told me that I was last in her birthday party midway through a friends hang out with her. All the information from your schedule, as well as your has been published on the relevant application form.

Jain told me, as time goes on, you will use it more frequently, and Humin know what information is the most important. By the application to add new contacts, it will start around new contacts to provide new information, such as your meeting place, time, then it will scan your contact list, according to what are your friends together, so as to provide more detailed information. I through the mobile phone number will be Jain added to the contacts list, his name and information, including 17 we both mutual friend will pop up immediately. His name and contact information were stored in the common iPhone address book quickly.

Humin will eventually released Android version, even Google Glass version. Jain, suggested that in the near future, Humin has the potential to be a car application. He said: “we can become a navigator interface.” Jain argues that Humin will eventually realize with Steve Jobs in 2007 when the iPhone address book application as target, namely “in an unprecedented way” use contacts application software. Jain said: “we are developing a directory into connected devices in the system. “

Source: TheVerge& TC