Social memory turns into a hand book: ReSnap upgrade platform is compatible with each big the data source

this year book weibo to amuse themselves, or a gift is not new, diary software Day One last year also gradually increased the PDF export function, at first glance, the information printed on the network platform is a big trend, ReSnap and what is the difference?

a Dutch ReSnap, of course, has its own uniqueness. In its website highlights a fast in the first place. Claims to be content in one minute, this is obviously in the habit of you don’t want to wait. ReSnap again emphasizes the convenience. ReSnap adopted, for example, according to their own unique algorithm, to select the user’s most popular image, status and so on, the user no longer time consuming power over the record memories while pick status. Have to say, compared with other competitors to export classification based on the time, place, photo albums, ReSnap approach is more intimate, more highlights the home service is unique.

the first ReSnap support only from Facebook, Twitter and sets the content of the three major platforms, however recently ReSnap come a big upgrade, which support the import data from other platforms such as Dropbox. In the present, of competitors growing ReSnap the redesign will undoubtedly has added a different development for their chips.

founder Thomas Beguin said their algorithms to support all of the data sources, can continue to choose 1 minutes and produced fast advantages. Beguin ReSnap also revealed that the future will be further optimized, hope to be able to support cross-platform selection and automatic pick out the most within 1 minute of photo.

the website function module ReSnap is still in perfect, based on the website edition correction, ReSnap are likely to support future print other material goods, such as canvas, CARDS, or even 3 d products.

at the same time, ReSnap the whole system can also provide commercial services, but also embodies the advantage than other competitors.

in addition, further than the other company is, ReSnap allow other companies to use their services (through the API and HTML editor) to provide services directly to customers, without having to hit ReSnap brand.

PS: ReSnap propaganda animation

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