Social networking platform, shopping Soldsie advocate new consumption patterns

electricity Soldsie in has been completed A round of funding, the main social platform comments shopping start-up of new consumption mode allows enterprise on Facebook, sets A platform, through the new features of comment module SOLD (SOLD) for enterprise products. The financing from the First Round Capital, led, SoftTechVC, Lerer Venture, the Correlation Venture, Great Oaks Venture, e.V enture, 500 Startups and other companies and a ginseng. Angel investors including Ken Landis, Richard Gernstein, Greg Kidd, Tom Kelly, Prosper Nwampka, Seth Ginns and Christine Herron.

when Soldsie launch coincided with the industry hot electricity marketing based on the Facebook platform is meaningful and valuable. In May 2012 after the establishment of Soldsie, found that electrical business model based on Facebook is not just one more user-oriented key, more social activities have a positive impact on the seller’s home page.

in Facebook, for example, the sellers can post the goods in the home page, followers can leave a comment, points, and forward. Soldsie is commenting on the module adds a layer of function, users want to buy something as long as leave SOLD comments, could easily to purchase items on the right process. Users only need to register once, on the Soldsie application can allow sellers through Soldsie access to users of the personal information, including email address. Soldsie also provides a comparatively complete trading background, live to see orders, bills, etc. Sellers can contact by email message SOLD buyers, and users only need to payment by PayPal or credit card.
Last November, Soldsie also introduced a similar comments on sets a platform to buy module, allow users to comment sold as well as the personal email address to purchase. Although this kind of comment on purchase mode is suspected of impulse buying, but according to the data provided by the Soldsie, users “at that time the brain hot then go back on our word” also. According to the CEO and founder Chris Bennett said Soldsie comments – buy conversion rate has reached 70%, 60% of the orders in 30 minutes to complete the payment – visible reviewers will payment after finished the things at hand. Bennett said that 70% of the payment is done via mobile devices.
Soldsie set up half a year to pick up 75 single business, a total of $1 million deal. Founded in the summer of 2013, more than a year, Soldsie customers has reached more than 1000, more than tens of millions of volume. Soldsie since has 1500 users, according to official data volume in 25 million, compared with three times than last year. Soldsie their profit comes from the smoke into each order, the lowest $150 a month, but Soldsie is still in exploring pricing model.
After this round of financing, Soldsie raised will reach $5.6 million, the future will continue to expand the scale of the company, continue to recruit, optimizing the platform, is expected to be at the end of 2014 to extend more than two platforms. Soldsie team size, according to official to expand from 13 to 25 people, and new product development, engineers, sales, account management, and other positions. Bennett said Soldsie recently also have cooperation with some retail giant, but it is not disclosing information.
Targeted social platforms electrical business start-up, Soldsie competitors also many, Chirpify, Hashbag separately on Twitter, sets a launched a similar electrical business model. In the face of competition for the foreseeable future, the financing is gave Soldsie reassured, also let Bennett he saw the industry recognition of its products.
Via: TechCrunch