Softbank chief executive masayoshi son in the eyes of the next 30 years life of technological change

cloud network hunting note: softbank founder and CEO masayoshi son recently gave a public lecture, tells the story of the next 30 years of life in your own vision, including robotics, artificial intelligence, cloud services and mobile devices, the resulting change in the way of life, “thought the world 300 years later, to the next 30 years, will feel boring and granted world”.

the following full text to speech:

here, everybody is good. I’m from softbank’s son, please advice.

“challenge” to the world, this is my expectations of our company, gathered here today you are working for companies active in the world market, are also very ambitious person. Recently, under the influence of the economic policy Abe, Japan’s economy once again showing its growth trend, in stimulating economic development in this sense, there are a lot of fiscal measures, also can have the strategic planning of economic growth, however, the use of fiscal policy, cannot make economic growth, there is no meaning. In this sense, the Japanese economy high-speed growth of the age, it is Japanese electrical home appliances and auto industry entrepreneurs began to large scale to enter the era of the world. In the recent 20 years, Japan’s economic growth stalled for a long time, also faces and decreases the number of population, is necessary to enter the world.

either digital or perish

the situation now is: digital to many people, is not active, but desperate pushed.

especially recently, Japan’s home appliance industry in continuous and deficit. I think, the reason is that digital action is too slow. Only electronic assembly parts, alone. Japanese manufacturing hardware is very thin, low failure rate, this is Japan’s family heirloom workmanship, it also faces the problem of insufficient digital.

to make software and hardware integration, be sure to use the cloud and big data, it must actively to digital.

“challenge” to the world, I want to put this as the theme of today, first of all, from my own, this year we softbank will further challenge to the world, we have already started to buy America’s Sprint, we also very upset, there are a lot of differences, there are also many twists and turns, although the price is a bit high, but in the end or the acquisition.

we are the sales of the world’s top three enterprises, has so far been row 2, 3 in Japan. Our service was ranked third, pride of the whole group of service users, and sales in the second, however, in the domestic 2 3 aside first, important is in row 3 of the world, the number of subscribers in the world is far more than docomo, close to the first American to verizon.

so, usually do business with us or have the plan to you in the future, softbank will Sprint behemoth, can get what? Though softbank strongholds and in the whole world, but the Sprint has 30 points in the world, 165 countries, with a network connection. In the world market active, or have the plan for you in the future, softbank, Sprint coalition can help you, will be closed at under the United States ranks third Sprint, our coalition can expand all over the world.

there are challenges, but it can open the door to the future. Without any challenges will face the future, either the predecessors trees descendants cool, or pure luck, I’m afraid I can’t for a long time. But take the initiative to continue to challenge on everyone, develop their own future, I think can get good results.

I almost in more than three years ago, softbank’s “vision” 30 years are put forward. First put forward the “vision” for 30 years, is a startup, early meeting for the first time I held company, in addition to my company employees only 2 people, I say almost half an hour at a conference in early vision of the future, two employees to listen with your eyes open, feel like being in a strange company, two people quit after the past two weeks.

a long speech tell vision, employees will have psychological shadow, so I put vision seal in the heart. 30 years after the start-up, I once again the problem facing the employees, the 30 years since the since the related vision.

change of terminal: single chip microcomputer in more than the human brain by the year 2018 the number of transistors

in the beginning, I am confused on this question of “how 30 years later, however, the more lost the more to look beyond the more you see the flood in the future. We consider long-term some thoroughly consider 300 years later, the evolution of the human life state, society, technology, cost about a years at home and abroad gathered intelligence to think about this question, today said roughly a part of it.

single chip microcomputer is made of the transistor, the transistor near and separate, formed the current, brain cells and nerve cells close to separate, memory and thinking, which is 2 base, with a weak current memory and thinking. Transistor is binary, brain cells and the theory of computer chips is completely the same. It follows that in nearly 20 years ago, the human brain cell number is 3 billion, according to the binary there are 30 billion combinations. When 30 billion, the number of transistors in MCU can go beyond this number, if we work it out, the answer is 2018.

according to Moore’s law, the function will evolve. While human cells from 4000 years ago to now hasn’t changed.

2000 years from now on the number of brain cells don’t change, and single chip microcomputer the number of transistors in more than the human brain by the year 2018, we think again how 30 years later, in 2018 after 30 years, further, think about 300 years. After 300, 60 power is 10 times, far more than the number of brain cells, so far is human on earth with being the largest number of brain cells, and have beyond the power of the human function, is the single chip microcomputer.

transistor contains many possibilities

we believe troubles, imagination and creation is the privilege of human and computer in the future will also have self-learning ability, computer programming time will come, the future world will be like science fiction, computer brain structure will be born, can more keenly than human insight and invention, robots will be more than human, carrying the computer instead of coexistence, we have no future, I believe that man with a good robot can coexist happily.

thought for human being can not give up, like a disaster rescue, care, health care, education, etc., can by the robot to help with a computer brain structure.

in a career in communications softbank’s point of view, excellent computer wireless network, through the chip and the human brain, just thought can communicate with each other in the brain, like telepathy.

30 years ago, the mobile phone has not yet appeared, I just thought, like today’s smartphones, usually carry the machine, the recent wearable devices, such as watches, glasses appeared one after another.

in addition, medical will progress greatly, the average life expectancy of 200 years old of time will come, human average life expectancy is 35, 300 years ago, most people die because of war and disease early. After 300 years of human average life span is 200 years old, said 70 ~ 80 years old will be young, the future more think more feel close to science fiction, is full of philosophy, religion and so on the subject of debate.

Imagine the

however, as the world after 300, while trouble later, again considering the topic “30 years”, will think the world is basically a boring and took it for granted. Can let a person feel “such degree for granted”, discuss with a brain structure after 300 computer robots, people’s opinions vary, 30 years compared with what seems to be too ordinary, do not talk, but the key problem in the course of 30 years.

the first is “information explosion”, for example, how will we imagine thirty years later the iPhone, and now the same price of CPU capacity is now about 1 million times.

although I do not know by that time, also the iPhone of does not exist, but after 30 years of smartphone memory capacity of the average is now 1 million times, the communication speed is 3 million times.

what concept are 1 million times, it was put into the human brain is 100000 times of transistors.

after 2018, the computer will be more than the human brain, is far more than 30 years later, in this way, can put into 500 billion songs, 350 million papers. Such “super smart” will appear in the future, the terminal of the local processing power has so, the cloud? This is not the same again, communication speed reached 3 million times now, the connection between the local and cloud speed almost negligible, infinite will greatly broaden the earth, the clouds will also change people’s way of life.

cloud will become mankind’s greatest assets

everything become a record of life, are stored in the cloud. “Real-time translation glasses” patented 30 years ago, long before Google glasses, of course, the future of cloud technology, the communication of the instantaneous automatic translation becomes a matter of course. Education will certainly greatly evolved, children in the world can speak with kids from all over the world, the language also can automatic translation. Health care will develop to high level, no matter you are living in an island or live in the desert, also can instantly accept the medical service at the top of the world. Work will evolve, can instantly connect a lot of things, the production efficiency greatly improve… The cloud will become mankind’s greatest asset.

the popularity of mobile devices is just a start

softbank also began to look at the cloud as the biggest asset and use up, the cloud and big data mix, can form a more useful form, to serve the market, to solve the problem. Softbank since his first, use large data, to solve the problems of its own. First of all, to improve the signal, in order to better service softbank’s users, we make a better signal, establish a more efficient base station.

we did a world first, the independent spent a month time, collecting the data of 7.5, the data obtained from the smartphone App and analysis, the improvement of the user’s network. Users in where, when, several access networks, even on the no… We conducted a variety of analysis, also analyzed the competition state of the user’s connection. This is the first time the world, people will be what kind of action, in which store Friday 18 points to what 10 o ‘clock on Sunday… All data were analyzed.

I think in this way can we truly improve, to analyze where there is a problem, where obstacles. For example, we often see in IT the magazine “a survey of 200 local” “asked 1000 people”, and then carries on the analysis, analysis of but never seen 750 million people magazine, because IT’s expensive, also does not have the corresponding technology. Docomo model ranked by now how much connection, which model of au connection rate is not good, we more clearly than all of them, this helped improve communications services for us, can reasonably in advertising on TV said that “we improved the signal”. Sold to others before their first try again, can you really come in handy, it is a culture of softbank. The popular concept as such as large data himself completely to use first, to make our service improve really have scientific data analysis of the background, to compete with others to use the limited investment in equipment.

another use examples of big data, is we have been doing before, the user can actually realized signal to improve, we through the analysis of the large data of twitter to grasp.

softbank’s on the way to work and cooperate with cloud technology, take the lead in the change. IPhone has been 4 or 5 years, we have to match all the company staff a, it came out to all match, full can be connected to the Cloud, carry, profit growth is not accidental, for the future of Cloud, do not use the iPhone is no good, no matter when and where we are able to do all kinds of work, mail through Gmail also Cloud, all kinds of report also Cloud.

not just us, and our cooperation enterprises also use these. JR, with 7000 units on the mini, no matter when and where can read the content of the love, pharmaceutical companies using video with the doctor’s intelligence, misawa home (real estate company) using the project management, sanhe shutter also work in 1400 is introduced, utilizing the means such as video, let people can experience the speed of the gate switch.

softbank has a paperless, also need not printer, in addition to the contractual documents and the documents provided by the government, has comprehensive paperless, the meeting is with video introduction, the company has specialized production video team, has also changed the presentation. By using Google Apps talks all over the world…

to challenge the world, we saw the new scenery, is of no challenge, see the scenery. In the future, let’s continue our journey, is actively for digital business, let us continue to challenge the revolution of information, the way of working can also occur great change.

why action? Because this is to provide people with happiness.

this is my speech today.