Software versions

As a computer specialist, I am very pleased with this text about the different versions through which “almost all” computer programs pass.

Version 1.0: Also known as ‘Almost Beta’ or ‘Dangerous Version’. We had to release this version because the lab boys got to the point of ‘mental fissure’ and the marketing guys could no longer cope with the stress. We are praying for you. find it more functional than a virus and that it is possible to find some of the virtues that the company sponsored before its launch.

Version 1.1: We have repaired all the programming errors (bugs) dangerous …

Version 1.2: Oops! … repairing the dangerous bugs we created some new ones, but now we repair them.

Version 2.0: At last we managed to realize the program that we wanted from the beginning. It’s not really what users need, but we’re working on it.

Version 2.1: Well, due to the importance of the changes in the previous version, we missed some other bug. This time, we did a rigorous test, therefore we are almost convinced that we do not create new bugs based on the previous ones.

Version 2.2: Well … sorry, just one detail. It was a typing error (with the keyboard). They would not believe the problems that that is capable of producing.

Version 2.3: Someone found a bug that had been bothering since version 1.0, but it has already passed to a better life, do not worry (I mean the bug, not the one that found it).

Version 3.0: Hey! We think that we finally have it. Many customers are really happy with this version.

Version 3.1: Of course, some things …

Version 4.0: More features. Now it is twice the size. By the way, now it also requires more memory, and a faster processor …

Version 4.1: Only one or two ‘errors’ … seriously!

Version 5.0: Actually we need to get a new product. But…
Why not expand this and avoid possible new ‘errors’? Also we already know you and you. He also knows him. Some of the staff has left, but the main ones are still here.

Version 6.0: We had to fix some things from the previous version. Not many, but it’s been so long that we needed a big version leap. Of course we had to change some aesthetic issues to justify this jump.

Version 6.1: Actually I’m leaving the company and I’m the last one left in the lab, and the only one still working on this product. I added some demos and help messages. They talk about ‘obsolete’ and I do not know what … but they push to keep us from overcoming the competition. They intend to continue squeezing this product in order to get some more … but I already have nightmares about the program, I have eye irritation and my hands tremble … so I’m leaving !!

Win a Nintendo DS

Today I was looking for photos to participate in retame, when I realized the amount of them that I have stored that I did not even know they were there.

The truth is that I’ve been collecting photos since I was 10 years old so I’ve finished with almost half a computer occupied xD

At home I have a portable hard drive, not that I do not trust him, but I like it more than people (especially for those who also come in them) can have them so little by little I will be hanging them in my flickr account .

For those who do not know what is going to challenge me, it is a contest where you participate by sending pictures to the different challenges, and the winner takes a Nintendo DS, just start now, so you know if you want to participate .. or at least Vote me xD.