Sohu video “secret and great” : producing high-quality goods entertainment for the Internet

2014, online video field of storm surges, “homemade” became a exalt banner. Sohu video is one of the typical, because the sohu video natural gene entertainment, its homemade show entertainment as the core, also is one of the largest scale the April launched two weeks of homemade star reality TV show “secret and great. 48 hours started playing more than 15 million, how can it play rate spiralling compared with a line of satellite TV variety show performance of?

secret is real, human nature is the base of

about network homemade program, some people still have the old impression: making rough, simple, small cost. But the secret and great such programs will network homemade pushed to a new height: don’t weak traditional television super team, high investment, large production. Network video industry will be seen as “self” of the first year of 2014, “secrecy and great” is the new trend of apotheosis.

the secret and great is sohu video invited the south Korean hall level make the star of the team to build a reality show, a weekly update on Tuesday, South Korea variety show, the father of sung kang and sohu video China team equipment production, using hidden shots real stars behind the scenes, a variety of unexpected emergency reveal star real cute and positive energy.

according to sohu video content operations center chief editor shinner is introduced, the secretive and great, is hidden is true; It great, is shown in the environment and the real story of humanity. If true “flowers and juvenile” 80%, “where dad” star 50% true, secretive and great one hundred percent true.

you invite star friends/acquaintances host star, the star of the victim in the dark. The team is carefully designed, but leading role but don’t know anything about it. Is the most real world environment and showing the humanity ShanGuangMian, battle righteousness, candid, friendship… For example, Zhang Xinyi unwittingly reveal to a friend’s care. On May 5, a broadcast of the third stage, can good nicky wu model of “smashing” charm.

look at singing and dancing, to talk shows, reality to outdoor, Chinese demand for entertainment is more and more high, appreciate level is becoming more and more high. The secretive and great this unique difficult reality show in 10 years ago not possible, but is now filled the void. Sohu video dared to challenge the difficulty, because behind experienced production team.

this program is called the hidden camera in South Korea, after the south Korean entertainment industrial process and system in terms of the decade, has been very mature. How to decorate camera (hidden) cannot be seen to star, how to pick stars, how to construct the plot… Sohu video already and south Korean team in 6 phases, trust and harmony between the two sides have began in earnest. (readers may ask, took six phase website zha didn’t put out? People have to save some goods. Don’t try so hard, the slowly to see) a week

“fame and fortune”

take high cost to do the large production, what is the purpose? Shinner said: in order to “fame”.

name is brand. Who is “think this program will think of”. Like hunan Taiwan into a super girls in ’04, jiangsu Taiwan into the “if you are the one”, each platform the homemade stuff with prestigious potential achievement platform. Is to be “a strong brand recognition degree represent sohu video content”, now the secret and great amount of playing the second phase of the double than the first period directly, has exceeded expectations of the production team, and more than sohu video before the launch of the homemade JuJieMu best wishes dapeng! Best wishes. Now only broadcast two said the very early days, of course, let’s and line and look.

from the point of view. Is 2014 can into the Internet, of the first year of homemade is size reached their passengers can make Internet self-control becomes very big influence of the content of the base, sohu video platform has been to this level, then more and earn more money. Traditional and Internet TV station has accounted for the same starting line, play ball, satellite TV and the Internet standards. Only faster speed, and improve the level of either through recruiting, foreign cooperation, increasing investment, sohu video content operations center chief editor shinner statement is “no matter in what way have to speed up as soon as possible make our level with first-class production companies, first-class TV platform the same level”. Plus the uniqueness of the Internet platform, sohu as a media platform and the most famous Internet recreation platform integration advantage to compete with.

the secret and great as the week show, can form banded content stream, upfront investment big income is small, but later memory is more and more big. After forming brand audience will naturally playback before the show. And as the reality star, choices are popular stars, each has its own window, rather than other comprehensive entertainment programs have so strong timeliness of entertainment, and particularly good long-term benefits. With word of mouth and flow, don’t worry about making money.

shinner gave no goal is that the secret and great at the end of the year to break even. “” happy camp” made a decade of money to the hunan satellite TV, “day day up” made in 78, also just advertising, there is such a big now all copyright program of new media is a big profits, we itself is new media program in the future may also be sold to the traditional media, including OTT, IPTV, as long as it is a very strong program has value, more derivatives in the occurrence and development process of gradually, maybe I have to close the program on the later artists he money, is possible.”

zhang self-control strategy: to create fine products for Internet content

for sohu video self-control, zhang had already set the strategy. Don’t make blind and disorderly. He believed in the long-term value of the Internet for the Internet production content; Second request must do fine, don’t need nothing laid a face of what, also do a car also do a travel, want to have such concealment and great, what are you going to make it a since to intensive cultivation under a what kind of brand, it is hard to do it. This is the sohu video and other video sites.

sohu video all homemade program by sohu video independent investment, internal producer system. Is the “individual contract”, to encourage producers keep moving forward, producer of the future goal is to set up the studio, as long as you can prove that he has the ability to form a brand, the brand as the sohu video in continuously contribute to set up a studio. Every producer to see themselves as IP producers, and markets including traditional television show competition. Sohu video for homemade drama is a long-term commitment, this year will not have any change.

in addition to the secrecy and great, sohu video this year will also be online boutique user-generated content. May start shooting new comedy “shuihu college”, August 4 level to the first television network homemade play when he was in a hurry. Shinner said sohu homemade food content not back of profit, to these new, including the secret and great show high hopes, hope that they can create sohu video of word of mouth.