SONY executives: we don’t understand why the PS4 sell like hot cakes

News on August 20,

although SONY PlayStation 4 console sales just broke through the 10 million mark, but this achievement seems to be too surprising, even the company’s global studio Shuhei Yoshida, President (Shuhei Yoshida) don’t know exactly why contributed to the sales of this product.

yoshida pondereth told Eurogamer: “it is beyond our imagination. We are very happy. But I am a little nervous, because we don’t fully understand what was going on. You have to know the reason why their products sell like hot cakes, to make plans for the future. But it goes against the traditional thinking. Many people think, game seems to have no longer necessary, but there are a lot of people feel exciting for this kind of product.”

yoshida pondereth then said, “I asked the salesman, initial data surprising: there are a lot of person without the PS3 has purchased the PS4. We also attracted a lot of new users. Some people never buy lead generation game hardware, including the PS3, Xbox 360 or the nintendo Wii. So, what are they come from where?”

yoshida, make the worry, the early stages of the PlayStation 4 to the core game market appeal cannot last forever, especially when many large exclusive release of the game to wait until 2015. This can make a lot of players out of patience.

but the personage inside course of study thinks, the focus of the PlayStation 4 is electronic products, and is no longer a game. The Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 since its launch, great changes have taken place in the market, the company we are willing to pay big money to purchase beautifully designed, fully functional electronic devices, even persuaded us to put these products as a status symbol. Aimed at the game players when SONY to promote, but the PlayStation 4 also has become a status symbol: for people who are keen on science and technology of it is a very good accessories.

it seems that you can sell like hot cakes from a certain extent, explain the PlayStation 4: despite its lack of software, but can still with fashionable appearance to attract people’s attention. But that is just, the real reason and remains to be further analysis. (sina science and technology dinghong)