Sorry said to “safe” fuck off? Excuse for manufacturing artifact TIYO save you!

the meeting often bored right? Chat with people who do not fit together occasionally did very embarrassed! At this time, hope to a phone call to make you have an excuse to escape! ? Come on, let take a look at this new application with the savior!

This Is Your Out, This name Is let a person feel heart thumped the new application of the “saved”, referred to as “TIYO, paired with a key chain as well as physical buttons: a click, soon there will be a” killing call “scored to give you make a good excuse, have not help you get rid of any a comfortable environment. The netizens are calling for “made excuses artifact” TIYO, its founders Ivan Kukianchuk is trying to raise $100000 through Indiegogo platform.

the reason will be the birth of TIYO, Lukianchuk owed it to his wife, the wife of the partners is a super talkative person, conversations are closed all day can not accept, can’t completely according to the progress of the work fall! “Now everyone is focused on TIYO function in response to date… But it’s another heart “, designed to really Lukianchuk told Mashable, “we’ll meet at ordinary times who cannot directly pointing at each other’s nose called ‘fuck off’. For example, you have a let you bear work partners, they are not only basis with you every day, and the boss’s friends, so you have to smiling… When you choose to no more than two kinds: continue to smile continue to endure, or unbearable to find another export “.

no need to endure the method here: pushing a button on the device can reach to a phone call, followed by a can make you serious message as read it to others. Nanny called and said, for example, your child is ill, you only need to listen to the voice can use your mouth on a big show.

Lukianchuk also said: “we also plan to allow users to upload your audio, told us that they will face the awkward situation.”

it’s $35, containing 25 types of preset telephone; The other $5 also can buy another 25. TIYO is applicable to any smart phones and flip phone, which can be operated via bluetooth. Lukianchuk said, if everything goes according to plan, can the fastest TIYO in February next year began to rescue the suffering of the user.

however, as time, TIYO raised only slightly more than $3600. In the face of the deadline of August 13, TIYO financing has a long way to go.