Sources said Samsung9 month will launch “samsung smart glasses” and Galaxy Note 4

, according to the samsung empire will be in September this year’s consumer electronics show in Berlin (IFA), launched “samsung smart glasses”. In addition, according to reports with the product appearance and Galaxy Note 4.

it is understood that this so-called samsung smart glasses, will use the Tizen system.

in addition, in order to and Google glasses is different, the device will also comes with a bluetooth headset and a head-up display.

what’s interesting is that samsung has said “don’t think smart glasses is a good development direction, because it doesn’t want to let the user as’ cyborgs'”. Therefore the accuracy of the news worthy of consideration.

samsung has always wanted to in the software, especially operating systems can be unique, big challenge. The idea is very good, but it is difficult to implement. However, persistently samsung recently, seems to be taking the last hope in Tizen emerging areas such as wearable devices. Such as previously released Gear 2 is the smart watch Tinzen system. Unfortunately, as Android Wear wearable equipment system, samsung then again into Google’s “arms”.