Staff said tencent game it fired without cause: for families is the knife tower

recently, a tencent game employees accused tencent blog, said its working in tencent game for two years, but nothing has been expelled from tencent. The staff revealed that, tencent game to the two choices, one is a voluntary redundancy, one kind is fired. According to its analysis, tencent is suddenly cause fire her, because she is the knife tower of the families of the game.

in May this year, the hand swim “knife tower legend” successful leaps to the apple store seller first, and in the android market “knife tower legend” also has obtained the remarkable result, double week retention rate is as high as 90% above. According to to hunt cloud network game industry, since January 1, 2014 of more than five months, APPStore list 1 position has been belong to tencent WeChat game, ready to compete with few products. “Knife tower legend” could come under pressure from tencent WeChat big forces Deus ex, not only shows the strength of the product, also to prove to the industry, mobile game of tencent is a challenge. Also broke the tencent micro letter “myth” of the game.

tencent game staff in post at:

true reason is this: “knife tower legend” list of the top, to break the monopoly micro letter hand tour.

then my tencent company is such response: benign competition to promote industry progress.

but the anger on competitor’s family, this is not to promote the progress of industry.

now, tencent games officials did not comment.

the following is a blog post full text:

in July 2012 I graduated from fudan university graduate work immediately went to the tencent company, today have two years time, the job is my first job, and I did so far only a job.

the company notice I fired – for the sake of writing up the handing down and cause gripping suspense effect, the reason why I was fired regardless of you try to guess.

at the moment, I in their hometown, is rushing to the end of time accumulated over the past two years down the rest of the holiday is the balance. Could progress, September is expected to completed all firing procedures, will be officially changed from worker is elder sister to youth unemployment. I was prepared after formal policy to tell the story, look I have a professional quality comparison. But I again is not a person who could sink lived gas, and if I must speak the so-called professional, that will look down on yourself, can’t help but scold Chen Xiaohua you are a new force + piscine.

why am I so patient?

I do just to operate in the mobile phone games. To call players, in the management of allegations male players with the most ugly abuse, hair announcement hair news, do you go to 7 days I will give you send an egg that kind of activity. With CDKEY, polymerization email, number package, give the user an endless stream of QQ window.

then obey organization arrangement transfers become a game designer, do a the research and development at the beginning of the so-called will become the world’s first WeChat game even sprout every day, without exception of overtime to after 2 o ‘clock in the morning every day, plowed the hardworking, whether people have passed the river, you have to work overtime and night touch stone. Later, were sent to shenzhen from Shanghai, and in the daytime don’t understand the black of night, marching under the desk belly with a small bed through the night.

was put back in Shanghai, after starting to do later sell the cool running every day. I am real unearthed literature and ancient professional graduate of pure arts living, mobile game plan this road, I is the basic guiding thought of: do do, do not hard to do. From the core game character design, to sell lottery money pit, to PVP player interaction, to all kinds of value, to the UI, to copy, to the sound, to get into loading animation editor interface, and no one didn’t do it… No hand even when the company’s recruitment copywriting is I wrote, even every afternoon tea is my name.

I never carry negative energy, not once, every day like a sunflower. Not because I hittable, because my in the mind think company treats me very well. Of course, but I did not know the company is treated like a grocery bags, will I lose.

why I was fired?

a person is such, especially women, into the candle burns itself to light up your, you think you will be so to me.

on my work to the gastric ulcer, work overtime to the fecal occult blood of time, the company finally informed me to fire me. In fact this is not entirely true, actually said I can choose a company: voluntary redundancy, or fired, I thought for a long time do not know how this q… Why most raped women haven’t been asked this question: you choose voluntarily rape or rape directly? A squeaky clean yellow flower girl I have several reasons to volunteer rape?

words away, why on earth would I be dismissed: is my job to do well without help of cool running every day income roll and turn? I violated the company rules and regulations and secretary to fall in love with the boss make an affair? I sold the company secrets for money to buy rice pot? The above answers are incorrect, your thinking is too limited.

true reason is this: “knife tower legend” list of the top, to break the monopoly micro letter hand tour.

then my tencent company is such response: benign competition to promote industry progress.

but the anger on competitor’s family, this is not to promote the progress of industry.

what are you going to do after I?

I don’t have any plans. This matter to my hurt is I haven’t met since eight years ago brokenhearted. I pay the soul is too thick, and gave a slap in the face of it is too loud. I work for the travel day and night, be loyal and faithful, long hair, but produce a life as I had written a word “go”.

nature is the true law, nature is the true law, nature is the true law. The same is true for every industry, the market has its own direction, and the trend of a company won’t be thrown out because a competitor’s family members, can ever shengchang from now on.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

today blog came to a sudden fire, N ‘shoes come visiting me, more unified answer two questions, please reassure

1. Alee is not bad for me, he has always been very good to me. I mainly, so in this matter is bound to give him up a lot of trouble, but I also have no a way. As he unfairly estimate also don’t want to see me, little heart is hurt, but he also can’t stop, he also does not have method.

2. I am emotionally stable, no sign of revenge society to crime road. In their hometown have grey per day, the evening will go to the square dance. The small apples this stuff for now I have completely off – but then square dance the activity of the water is too deep, the next blog I will successful to tell everyone about a square dance lessons, I this time square dance is extensive and profound, you definitely don’t want to jump, want to jump, can jump.