Star wardrobe: moving fashion “connection” company

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how to define the star almirah, the company is an interesting topic.

gobi noviceblue investment best partners, said it was a big data technology companies based on fashion, other related are mostly electricity company.

star closet CEO ching-hua Lin said, we are fashion porters, play is “related searches” – big data based on fashion, automatic interpretation, associations, the vogue of unstructured data are structured, with original “engine” fashion consumption fashion and mass consumption.

for an ordinary girl, she is in the hands of the “star closet” APP is more like a fashion kaleidoscope, can get a good view of the star’s all kinds of street snap, abundant fashion and thematic information, can not only learn to wear, can also conveniently click next to the similar kind of link, place an order to buy favorite clothes.

to see the technology company, you must first understand the Zara fast fashion model. Every year, Zara will be the fashion design, the latest big holy land on model change, with the fastest speed to market with a lower price. In simple terms, let you use a lower price in the shortest possible time, buy the world’s most popular big-name pop, is the core of Zara business model.

this is close to a core proposition: fashion and electrical business circle lacks of information, design of brand or goods, but the lack of a “connection”, as long as you can in the fashion information, goods and consumers, build a shortest path, you will be able to find a good business .

this is easy to understand the core of Zara secret, it’s a quick design ability, and the layout of the speed of global supply chains. Zara’s headquarters, for example, all the clothes in the warehouse will not stay more than 3 days, on average, 20 minutes to design a dress, can design the new pieces of 25000 each year.

star closet doing similar things, but its model is more light, light to provide only a Internet infrastructure types like water and electricity.

this infrastructure exactly? It also mentioned from ching-hua Lin’s entrepreneurial beginner’s mind.

before the creation of stars wardrobe, ching-hua Lin as tianya, VP, he found a fashion connection loss situation: many girls often look at fashion magazines, websites fashion channel or the film and television play, see beautiful dress collocation will be tempted, but don’t know where to buy, if go on taobao and other e-commerce sites to find another day, but forgot, or search especially difficult.

so, is there a better way of connection, especially train out a “wysiwyg” fashion consumption connection path?

ching-hua Lin and his team found a breakthrough point of entrepreneurial talent – star, their clothes every day to produce a large number of images, either party, or a street snap, are not random, must be the most appropriate local situation at that time the collocation of style, fashion has been detonated.

his thoughts can be a little crazy, he want to use technology, technical data without color, to decode the mottled the changing fashion trends.

I ask, is this possible? He is sure his judgment: fashion is genetic, every piece of clothing can use a set of tags to define and describe clearly, star closet with 2 d label, can be very accurately describe a piece of clothing, fashion can be digital .

now, try to star wardrobe as a “fashion decoding factory”. You pick a star in the streets of milan with pictures, taken only after a few procedures, data decoding and structured completed:

The first process is called

“fashion element tag” , in fact is the factory ready ahead of a united tag library, the fashion element according to the category of the decoration, style, color, material, dimension were classified, and for a second and three segments. At present, the label has 3500 star wardrobe level, level 2 labels have tens of thousands of;

The second procedure is

“clothing item data structured” , will star wear clothes into standard components, with standardized labels to “wash” again;

the third procedure is “fashion collocation digital” , will star in combination for data analysis, matching relationships between various fashionable element. In the eyes of the more stars wardrobe technical engineers, all of the clothes, shoes, bags as a set of data, different tag elements have different affinity between coefficient, they want to do, is the star of perceptual wear dress into a set of digital matching rules.

since 2011, ching-hua Lin’s team has accumulated a huge fashion collocation database, there are about 2.5 billion match data is cut in the sole. Ching-hua Lin said, their background will dynamic processing every day more than 30 million SKU, 7000 ~ 8000 ming-xing zhang pictures, and then decode.

the key to the next step is to “connect”, thus completing the process of handling fashion. From this perspective, the star closet is a elegant connection company, with one hand on the world’s most popular wear take a style, then a hand on the goods then electricity network operators website links page, it will have to do is both match .

, for example, when you open the star closet APP, chooses a star wear take a picture, click later, cats can display taobao, day, amazon and other electrical contractor to provide the design of similar goods, click to buy again, very short path.

when you visit youku, watch TV hit such as “a servant of two masters”, can play a window “with” the reminder, click on the collection, you can buy.

the future one day, when you visit taobao cat or day, click on a photo dress item, there may be a match of the scene demonstration, can assist shopping decisions, also can buy a pair the other goods.

ching-hua Lin thought that weren’t enough, he is working with more fashion magazines, portal websites and video websites to discuss cooperation, and eventually make stars wardrobe services become an infrastructure – there is fashion content, there are stars wardrobe matching product link, and there is goods, fashion information will be supplied with it.

as a result, he will be able to build a transportation network covers the entire network fashion, link up with the fashion content and commodities, is almost a light operating online Zara.

this guide looks like a model, but different ching-hua Lin thought mode, because the core of the star closet is under the technology application of data services, in the front guide in addition, there will be many possible in the future.

, for example, the star is brewing a new big wardrobe team, forthcoming dominated by user associated search service “want”. This with Pinterest of heuristic search, in simple terms, when you see a star street snap or a fashion information, click on the “want” button, system will provide some personalized labels through the semantic analysis, dominated by the user selection, finally found a piece of clothing to satisfy his needs.

in other words, the star closet is more “fashion consumption flow entrance”, not shoppers. in the future, the user at any one see on the Internet platform can initiate consumption fashion content search requests, and electronic commercial platform in any fashion, click on an item, it may call star closet match data.

so far, star closet in more than 240 daily active users, the activation of new users every day more than 100000. Ching-hua Lin hope at this time next year, will be users to expand to 50 million. After achieve this level, star closet a bigger story really begins.