Starbucks also play mobile payments: don’t just take phone sell coffee

according to reports in the science and technology blog Re/code, to support customer order with mobile application starbucks coffee, and the company’s plans and more than that, it also want to apply its own tentacles extend payment and integral sharing area of other shops.

the coffee giant in March, according to its us stores consumption 14% is paid by its application.

starbucks chief digital officer Adam Bloch terman Brotman (Adam), said the company will begin later this year in a pilot application market allow customers to starbucks takes place the order to the shop. He clarified, this should not be seen as experiment. Starbucks is determined finally bringing this technology to all over the United States, no matter how long the process takes time.

“we are determined to do it, determined to do it well.” Mr Whitman said in an interview with Re/code.

at present, the American consumers increasingly use mobile applications to order products and services. Uber, Lyft taxi service in major cities across the United States, and the like Chipotle restaurant chains of order service is popular in advance. From GrubHub, Tapingo, Square and other company’s application for people ordering of food and beverage of establishments. At starbucks stores by credit card or debit card to complete the purchase is through the Square’s payment platform, and the deal on the starbucks has its own application is not.

watch mobile order momentum gradually fierce, starbucks obviously don’t want to continue to silently on the sidelines. Mr Whitman said, the customer ordered from a few years ago has been required to provide services, but starbucks until recently feel enough technology and in-store operations involved in the field. The company thinks, if executed properly, this function will improve the existing customer loyalty, let them in the day time don’t have to wait for a long time to get a coffee.

the obviously there are risks. A bad experience – ordered coffee not ready, or put too long — are enough to give a bad impression for the customer.

for starbucks coffee also increased the difficulty of the implementation of subscription service. Coffee will cool the sour. Mr Whitman said, starbucks, of course, it is clear that, in its headquarters in Seattle model store has also been testing process to book in advance. The company is also the commencement of the test research of different drinks cool time.

“we are trying to science areas to study these things.” He said. But he also admitted to the function to the real world, certainly there will be some new problems, so the company is trying to create perfect process at the same time, also save for a rainy day, trying to make plans to deal with problems.

the project team including from behind from the store operations to the IT department each starbucks staff, with Mr Whitman meeting once a week.

“it is the most cross-functional team I worked with, I also engaged in one of the most important projects.” Mr Whitman said.

he said that starbucks with potential partners to discuss cooperation, also hope to make its customers can also be used in other stores of starbucks’ application. Negotiations will discuss the extension of the starbucks integral plan to the possibility of other companies. The move is likely to make starbucks involved in digital wallets. Mr Whitman declined to discuss the object starbucks identity.

some people might question the starbucks deviating from the wisdom of their own core competitiveness, but Mr Whitman was pointed out that the company believes will starbucks payment system and integral plan extends to the outside their own coffee shop, is likely to push up its application usage, and increase the affinity of the starbucks brand.

“we want to move the order to the project well, but we in the future you may hear more about in the field of mobile wallet, or general integral message.”

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