Started to play the layout fast: hotel search quietly

on June 19, hunting cloud network news

a taxi fast start for the future business model of the layout, fast hotel search service quietly launched today, the user through the service booking hotel in addition to get cash back, you can also get a taxi amount of vouchers, a move that could take a taxi from travel tools to help fast travel portal.

this is called “elong quick joint search” is provided by elong exclusive data services, and has set up a quick points in the mall with taxi low-key in online. User when booking hotel in addition to elong itself cashback, users also can get a taxi amount of vouchers, additional lines from a few dollars to several dozens yuan, concrete is decided by the price of the hotel.

the relevant person in charge of fast taxi today has just confirmed the service online, though it was in the test, but nearly one thousand people in less than a day by the service in the hotel reservation. Whether the future will cut into the other problems of the travel service, these people said unplanned.

last September, a taxi fast integral mall officially launched, users can take a taxi to get points, again through the integral for a taxi voucher, electricity, coupons, etc. Fast taxi is currently the industry only has a complete system software with taxi user growth.

the personage inside course of study thinks, quick take a taxi at present is still a pure travel tools, offer hotel vertical search is expected to help it from tool to travel portal, fast in the future is likely to enter the other travel related services, travel through the whole chain.