Startup entrepreneurs say 】 【 no miracle, finishing the enterprise basic brag everywhere

cloud network hunting note: has the personage inside course of study points out, the hype of Internet sensation model to infiltrate the Internet industry, often a very short period of time, will fry red or an enterprise entrepreneurs. But the night hit the experience for a start-up, really is a good thing? Entrepreneurs to Lao zhang wrote after where visitors are analyzed, and other enterprises, start a business is run, don’t believe in miracles, to tolerance for solitude.

the author: the old love woman (WeChat ID: zhanghuanzon)

don’t always try to create a miracle, many successful just by accident or periodic, success need to bear live lonely, resistance to live for others, for you resistance to live every day dedicated to death to dig the details, no lights up without flowers and applause.

why have this feeling?

1, the successful promotion in May because of sora aoi underwear (sora aoi weibo telekinesis ask lei jun how do Internet underwear, caused a large number of onlookers), make a lot of customers are very interested in, and want to copy, there are many more customers come let’s help the hype. My reply is as follows: basic is in streamlining the customer, I am no longer involved in consulting business, I have to do my beautiful young woman crazy honey community brand. If you just want to hype, please detour, because sora aoi underwear is preparing for more than 8 months, a few party cooperation company to the common effort of many people, but also played the “priming” effect of the market, only commercial grade has just started, in August in order to be formally cat and listed into day. As for okamoto, with 2013 “don’t bud” provocative durex, this is just a part of our competitive strategy, the tip of the iceberg, would you like to eat only the sixth steamed stuffed bun, it can be filling?
In a word, don’t expect a gun and red, also don’t believe in miracles, honestly the basic skills to play well, you can have the ability to grasp an opportunity.

2, and the recent research that a wave of a few fold the entrepreneurial process, found that when a founder and team always expect by marketing by feelings rely on feelings to impress consumers, always revel in himself and created a marketing miracle, always accustomed to surrounded by the media of flowers and applause, he often lost the most fundamental, that is the user pain points of digging and the perfection of polishing products. The rapid growth of an enterprise is not necessarily a good thing, it will make you overestimate yourself and the team’s ability, underestimate startup run hard. Anyway, when I see a founder speech everywhere around teaching experience, I think the enterprise basic, and it’s over.
Because, the founder of the heart where, where is the brand’s competitiveness, you are bent over with user research needs and products, or to attend all kinds of BBS boast forces or word every day?

3, some media reporters interview this morning about the p&g reduce performance is lower than the $100 million brand (after I have regardless of consulting business, please do not interview me professional point of view, I only do my crazy honey, Iive for me), I feel good about p&g did, he finally realized that only the purchase channels of products and it’s hard to keep a brand with users and personal characteristics, the original brand is because of multi-channel and multiple category, but now is different, the brand and the user is direct contact occurs, for different user community is procter & gamble to focus on labels. Suggest to abandon all, ica, sea source, reshape the armor, olay. BUT make an elephant dance talk easy, not only in the era of enterprise successful business, when procter & gamble can spend more than 2000 accenture, please build a number of online at the same time also 15 people “life” of the site, you will know, p&g decayed to what extent.
This day and age, the most difficult is to reduce their own desires, focus on focus do subtraction, I also wonder, 10000 core users who are mad honey, if I satisfied with the service with the community of 10000 people?

falls, a teacher younger brother will go to business, today I want to half a day just want to give him a words: entrepreneurship not miracles, failure is inevitable success is an accident, don’t just look at the heart of success stories, 90% are the media and public relations, packaging don’t let the short youth to prove his passing in the helpless pain, after all, our life in addition to the business should also be a little spare a little time to go through the things they love. Life is not easy, and line and cherish it.