Steve jobs really right, SONY’s blu-ray business is a “hole”

as SONY’s upcoming 2013 earnings, SONY slashing the revenue forecast: from $782 million to $254 million. SONY, points out that drag on its revenue growth in addition to the PC business has sold, mainly is the blu-ray disc manufacturing operations (blu-ray). What’s interesting is that jobs as early as 2008 public prophecy: “blu-ray disc manufacturing business will let SONY ‘designated area’.” (blu-ray is just a bag of hurt.)

it is understood that the SONY revenue expectations by 68%. The main reason is that after the sale of SONY’s VAIO business brings allowances for $293 million, and blu-ray business brought about by the losses of $245 million.

the blu-ray disc is one of the next generation optical disc format is on DVD, for storage of high quality audio and high capacity of data. Composed of companies like SONY and panasonic blu-ray alliance (blu-ray Disc Association) planning the next generation of CD specifications, and began in 2006, led by SONY, comprehensively promote related products. By adopting the PS 3 have promotion means such as blu-ray disc playback function, such as blu-ray disc replace hd-dvd, once known as a new generation of high definition video broadcasting technology revolution.

however, as with apple’s iTunes as the typical representative of audio and video downloads, represented by Netflix streaming audio and video service, SONY’s blu-ray business has received the serious challenge. The results of the SONY is publicly acknowledged, was once their high hopes of blu-ray disc technology, did not produce the desired value.

SONY company in fiscal 2013 net loss is expected to reach 2013 yen ($1.27 billion), higher than expected.