Still dare to buy? 360 tesla application deposit defect An attacker can remote control vehicle

message on July 15,

360 company said today, security experts have studied the Tesla Model S cars and found Tesla motors application process design defects. The attacker using this loophole, remote control cars, realize the lock, horn, flash, open sunroof operation, such as and able to open the skylight in the vehicle.

360, the company said in a related vulnerability details and solution proposal formally submitted to tesla, and offered to provide technical support for tesla repair related vulnerability. It is reported, this is the first time security company found tesla’s application.

360 company security experts say that Tesla Model S car users don’t have to be panic, such the exploit is difficult, aiming at the hidden trouble, ordinary owners shut down a remote access switch in the Tesla setting can effectively prevent the occurrence of potential hazards.

prior to that, foreign media have reported the hackers use tesla’s 6 digit password to realize remote control of the car, but the technology for smart car attack threshold is still high. 360 chief scientist, 360 mobile security institute, xuxian jiang, said professor successfully exploited this vulnerability attack probability is very low, tesla car owners don’t have to worry too much about their vehicles will be stricken unknown attacks.

based on the new energy technology, and human-computer interaction technology, especially the car networking technology is widely used, represented by the electric car Tesla smart cars, is becoming a new fashion and lifestyle. But the public security and protection measures of smart car. Xuxian jiang said, in an intelligent vehicle information system the function of the survey respondents to the requirement of involving safety is most prominent, lateral reflect user awareness of the smart car safety problems. (aiwen of sina science and technology)?