Storm be involved in: shareholders’ revenue exposure, etc

on June 3, hunting cloud network news

these setbacks on the way listed storm video can finally, storm video to land on the gem.

the evening of May 30, the SFC announced 30 batches of 20 and the update information disclosure, disclosure of information display, the storm video impressively in the column. Information also reveals the storm video shareholder structure, it is worth noting that the storm video shareholder structure, Mr. CAI and huawei company is one of the shareholders. Information also shows that the storm video 2013 annual revenue of about 320 million yuan.

the issuer’s brief introduction:

company equity structure of the

the company among the top 10 shareholders is

during the reporting period, the company’s top ten customers (calculated on under the same control merger)

, according to the information of the company’s main profit model for the Internet industry typical model of “free + advertising”. Company to provide video users free of integrated video service performance and constantly upgrade products, formed the huge user community, has the significant value of advertising. Advertisers in the storm video advertising should be paid to the company’s advertising costs, is the core of the company source of income.

public data shows, the storm video previously completed a three rounds of financing. In October 2006 and April 2007, the storm video successively by IDG investment of $3 million and $6 million respectively. In December 2008, the storm video obtained by Partners China Matrix Partners China pitch, IDGVC to vote for the total amount of the $15 million in the third round of financing.

in 2008, Feng Xin has said that the storm video in 2010 is expected to land on the hkex. In October 2010, Feng Xin once again made it clear that is expected to choose listed on nasdaq in 2012. Have media reported in April 2011, IDG dollar investments have withdrawn from the storm video, storm video to restructuring in the domestic gem listing. In October 2011, Feng Xin again revealed, storm video offerings will be held in 2012, “the underwriters have determine to complete, but the name of the specific couldn’t say.” This year, the news is that Feng Xin said the storm video has been profitable for three consecutive years, and has set up a submitted application, now just waiting for the national brake listed on the gem.

once the rumor, the storm video and sohu, sina, potatoes, youku, shanda is about mergers and cooperation, but apparently not to negotiate.